Tuesday 15 September 2015

Blogging Gals Event Southbank

Hi everyone! This was the first 'blogging gals' event that I have attended and I'M NOW LIVING IN LONDON!  Is intended to unite bloggers with like minded bloggers as well as giving them the opportunity to work with brands and gain business contacts. 

I've attended a few blogger events in my year of blogging, meaning I get the way they work now. This event was a bit too crammed and busy for me, I'm not sure if it was because of organisation, or the fact that the gifting lounge had a thin walkway... but it wasn't 100% pleasant. (Disclaimer, I'm not insulting the company, I just personally think it probably wasn't the best of all their events as I've heard good things. 

To get to this event, was the first time I had been  on the tube by myself. I know it may sound ridiculous to some, but it felt like a pivotal moment for me in my moving to London escapade. Getting the tube as a young woman, isn't the easiest thing to do, so changing tubes, discovering which lines i needed and getting myself to south bank was a big deal for me! 

What I wore...

The theme was black and white. I'm not really one for themes, or black and white... So I probably would have turned up in my bright yellow duster coat and red lippy - can't go wrong!

Meet Lauren & Layla 

One of my favourite things about blogger events is meeting other bloggers. I've previously met Lauren and the Ax Paris and Mybandage dress events and I adore her. She is absolutely lovely and runs the blog Journey Of A Pr Girl. This was the first time I had met Layla a fellow Norwich girl, she is lovely and so easy to talk to. I definitely recommend both their blogs! Go support my girls. 
Lauren Ellis 'Journey Of A Pr Girl'
Layla Panham

How the gifting lounge works...

The gifting lounge is sort of like a market set up. It felt very crammed and like bloggers/girls were forcing to get into a space. I guess you could say It was a little claustrophobic. Of course meeting the companies and gaining contacts was wonderful as always, but It just felt a little bit more intense than in necessarily needed to be. 

Lauren getting colour matched for extensions

In love with the rose gold detailing by Miglio

True Brit are a company which I discovered and I am obsessed with! Their polishes are so beautifully packaged and give such intense beautiful pigment on the nails. Not only do they have an extensive colour range, the workers are enthusiastic and wonderful. 

Not 100% sure why Benefit were at this blogging event... Nonetheless it was lovely to talk to the Benefit ladies.

This model is fierce and she knows its. 

 I was very grateful of my earrings from Miglio, however they're not my style. I'm sending them to my mum, so that she can enjoy them. They're so beautiful and I know she will look beautiful in them.

I am obsessed with this scent! If you ever get the opportunity to give Valmount perfumes a smell, I highly recommend as this scent is so scrumptious.

Throughout the whole event I was posting snapchats, so be sure to keep up to date with me on snapchat: hanjanewilliams and in general all of my social media accounts!

Thank you for reading, be sure to leave a cheeky comment! Lots of love,



  1. Looked like a fun event, loved your outfit!


  2. Looks brilliant! :) Congratulations with your move to London!! I also get confused with the tube! I'm only 12 so i don't get it by myself but i still don't understand where i am going XD PS i apologise for being a bit quiet about the montage. I have so much homework and deep mark essays due in and i don't have time to edit anything!! :( PPS I hit 250 subs (and 15K views!!!!!!) a few days ago!!!! :) When i started watching you, you had that amount of subscribers so maybe one day i will be as popular as you ;) Xx


  3. Looks like a lovely event - a shame is was crammed! Congrats on moving to London! Did you move her for work? Will be nice to see what blogger stuff you get up to, although I've lived in London my whole life I've never attended a blogger event!

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