Tuesday 7 November 2017

Scent Addict Launch Event by Fragrance Shop

Last week I attended the Scent Addict by Fragrance Shop launch event for their new innovative product. I love living in London because it makes attending events like this so accessible. I was also able to bring along my lovely boyfriend George, who took a few pictures in this post on my canon.
One of the employees of the company actually mistook him for the photographer and asked him to take certain pictures, when he said he was here with a blogger I chuckled from the side lines. It is nice to know that your tech is high quality enough though! 

Unlike other events I have been to in the past, this was more of a drop in and out service with a presentation. It felt more like a PR event than catered for the visitors which was a shame, there wasn't that much to do bar socialise. With a free bar, canap├ęs and an excuse to dress up and get out the house; who can complain?! 

The design elements throughout the venue were innovative, the neon signs were my personal favourite and I love the concept of 'marrying a scent'. 

An hour or so into the event there was a presentation on the scentaddict subscription service, how it works and also we got to see the adverts for the service. So what do you need to know? Scentaddict is by the Fragrance Shop, a chain of perfume stores in the UK. You pay £12 for 8ml of perfume and you get £12 towards a full size bottle of perfume by the fragrance shop. Talk about try before you buy?! 

The lovely girls at the perfume station discussed how the bottles are non-porous bottle so it does not mix scents if you refill it. (how cool is that!!!) You can refill it by either pouring perfume into the refill or If you have a bottle which you cannot take the lid off, there's an attachment to help put perfume in!

George ate so many of these!

Me and George both got gift bags, in mine was scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier; an eau de parfum. A scent of which I am obsessed with now, I would describe as 'yummy', more suited for a date or night out. In George's bag there was an eau de toilette Pure XS by Paco Rabanne. We both got a scent addict refill bottle, and randomly a scentaddict condom? Hahaha... I didn't know quite what to make of that. ^ As you can see. 

Overall It was lovely to have a free bar, excuse to dress up and to discover a brand new subscription service. If you are looking to try out some new perfumes, or a sucker for a subscription box, definitely give this one a go! 

Special thank you to sparkle PR for the invite! 


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