About me

My name is Hannah Jane Williams (you can call me Han) and I am an 22 year old from Norfolk in London. 

 I started my blog as a way of sharing the things I love, what I am doing & my opinions. I wanted to create a more personal representation of the blogging community. Whilst attending events, working with companies and meeting amazing bloggers I'm staying true to who I am and keeping my blog happy with personal touches. As a blogger some of the items featured have been sent to me as a gift. I would never share with any of you a positive review/recommendation if I did not think the product is worthy. I don't really know what I hope to come of my blog, the most important thing to me is I enjoy writing it as well as sharing photos and content with you all. 

I have a lot of exciting prospects coming in the following years. Travelling, university... you name it. With all this excitement comes a vast range of posts from fashion-beauty-lifestyle. I also hope to grow on YouTube and to gain confidence. I love to hear from all of you all so please be sure to keep in contact and follow me on my social media platforms. 

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