Friday 18 September 2015

MeMeMe Review for YouYouYou

Hello everyone! 
I've heard good things from MeMeMe cosmetics, so when I was approached asking if I wanted to review some of their products, I of course said yes. I first heard about MeMeMe due to their Highlighter which was a benefit dupe. I couldn't get any products locally, so I never actually tried it! - oops. If you're a make up lover like me, MeMeMe will be a brand you've heard about and want to know more about... Here goes! 

Firstly their packaging has been given a major revamp, which gives the drug store price products, a high end feel. It may sound petty but I love it when a product I've bough feels and looks good as well as doing it job, it makes me love it more. 

Another thing I would like to add for anyone who takes interest, is that MeMeMe are CRUELTY FREE! 

MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Enriched Moisturising Face Base

Dismissing the name 'face base' this is a pre-make up moisturiser and actually my favourite product of the bunch. I have dry skin and I'm really picky with face moisturisers; understandably. I normally use Olay, Clarins, Elemis, Clinique... So of course when I was given a brand's such as MeMeMe's moisturiser I was skeptical. However this product does exactly what it says. It moisturises your face without being too sticky/tacky so that you cannot apply foundation without it breaking with the moisturiser. The scent is divine which helps, It's a fresh zingy scent that awakens you... as well as your face. If you try one product from MeMeMe, TRY THIS ONE! 

Lip Glide Winter Berry 

If you're a frequent reader, watcher, social media fan, then you will know that I am obsessed with lip products - specifically lipsticks. I've found my self lately reaching for more and more drug store products over my high end products, which says something about their quality. 

This lip product has such a beautiful pigmentation and the actual formulae is good, lets start with that shall we? There is something about the packaging of this product that I just don't like. As you can see on the lid, It gives off that sort of magazine freebie feel which does irritate me as the product itself is good! If you're going to use this product, or any lip crayon, I would 100% say that you need a lip liner that matches as if not it gets messy. 

Arch Angel Shape and Define Tinted Brow Gel and Highlighting Cream 

I love the fact that this product is a duo set, it's innovative, clever and frankly just handy to shove in your make up bag. 

The Brow Gel

This is the first time I have ever used brow gel and If I'm honest with you I wasn't that impressed. I don't know whether it's the product itself, or just the concept of brow gel but it doesn't personally work for me. I do like the fact that the brush for the brow gel is small enough to manoeuvre around your brows. 

The Highlighter

The Highlighter. Oh boy. It's in short, BEAUTIFUL. This pigmentation, colour and shine you get from this highlight is so beautiful people will think you're a unicorn. You may be thinking, Hannah that's a slight exaggeration I can see the photo, but nope. Not even my Canon 70D can show how beautiful that highlighter looks in person. I now 100% understand the past hype on their highlighters. 

Overall I'm really impressed with MeMeMe. If you're looking for a cruelty free brand, that product's actually work then you need to have a look on the MeMeMe website! Hopefully I've inspired you to do some website shopping, leave a comment saying what product you're most intrigued by! 

Lots of love, 



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