Monday 3 October 2016

The Beautiful English Soap Company

Hello lovely people, 

I'm back, with a review of a product, haven't done one of those in a while... wooo! I'm going to say this now, it does make me feel rather poop that a soap packet is prettier than me. LOL. 
The English Soap Company produce affordable, sweet smelling soaps. The reason why their packaging is so darn gorgeous, is because this is their italian vintage wrapped range! *birds singing* 

The scents from this range include: Honey & Chamomile, Vintage Rose, Blue Bell, Jasmine, English Lavender. I chose Bluebell & Jasmine (which is called 'winter flowers'). I was very curious as to how they would make a bluebell scent and jasmine is one of my all time favourite scents, hence why I love jasmine green tea so much! 

I've also spotted they have a cinnamon and orange soap and OH MY christmas is coming. 

Christmas is coming. Just saying guys. It is. This is a winter soap. Hence. CHRISTMAS. It's soon. Okay. I'm done now. 

The Product

The lovely Lucy was telling me how the soaps are made from pure vegetable oils, which they add generous amounts of 'vegetable derived glycerine and shea butter from African Karite Tree'. Now I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I know exactly what that means... however it is nice to know that a product i'm using on my skin (which needs to be looked after!), hasn't got loads of chemicals in it. Also I have fairly dry skin, so using a soap with shea butter is important as it ensures that the bar moisturises and nourishes the skin. 

Another point which I will make, is that soap bars last SO much longer than pump soaps. Meaning not only do you get a better product which doesn't dry your skin out, you also end up spending less money. Trust me I've got proper into this since ordering 144 toilet rolls in bulk, yes 144, for me and my two friends which share my bathroom. Cost efficiency as a student is so important! 

10/10 recommend going and checking out the English Soap Company, especially this new beautiful range of soaps! 

Lots of love, 

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