Thursday 31 December 2015

A Festive Favourite - Tanya Burr Nail Varnishes

This December I decided to get the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Advent Calendar. It was on offer in westfields in shepherds bush for £15 and then I got student discount on top of it for £13.50! I love supporting other blogger's and youtuber's by trying their products out/buying the odd book. One thing to note about Tanya Burr's cosmetic range is the quality for the price is absolutely incredible, and aesthetically the design is beautiful. 

Obviously the fact it's the festive season sparkly nail varnishes are a must have, but the reason why I thought I would do this post on these varnishes is because of how good they are. It's made me really want to venture into Superdrug and pick up more of Tanya Burr's shades and collections. (Also you may be able to pick up a cheeky bargain from her christmas collection, if they are still in stock!)

Being a fellow Norwich b/vlogger, I love supporting Tanya and Jim in their online careers. There is money to be made in blogging and vlogging, but having a strong successful company and being an independent business woman is something I find very inspirational from Tanya specifically.

The purple shade is 'carnival night', and the green shade I annoyingly peeled off the sticker... but It was something to do with witches. (I'm such an amateur sorry!)

If you're like me and you're still feeling festive this january, venture into Superdrug and pick up some Tanya Burr Cosmetics Products!


Lots of love, 


Sunday 8 November 2015


Hello pretty people of the Internet.
As most of you lovely people will already know, I've moved to London for university (okay we get it Han stop going on about it). But I thought a fun thing to do was to do a room tour, pictures and a video, so that you could all pry into how I decorated my Uni Room! 

* My 'H A N N A H' lights are an obvious win for me. Who doesn't want to see their name up in lights? Something about them just makes me smile so much, and I love it when objects have that ability. 

You can get your own letters from Up In Lights :) and ONLY £10.99 a letter, which is such a good price for such sturdy lights! (side note they're battery powered)

Without a doubt my favourite section of my bedroom. The plant pot is from Ikea, and the cacti is from Homebase. If you're after some cute small plants that aren't going to break your budget, home base is a great call. 

The New York car plate with 'Hannah' on it, is of course from New York. My dad bought it for me and it was a present on christmas day in NY. (Christmas is cominggggg).

The candle is from wilko and smells like beautiful orange groves literally. It's a very autumnal scent, but I'll be honest I bought it because I had ran out of candles. I'd really like some winter scent recommendations as I'd love to purchase a new candle!

On the right you can see my baby which is my pastel yellow fujifilm instax mini. The photographs in the frame to the left of it were taken on it. This was sent to me by Fujifilm and If I'm honest I haven't used it as much as I would have liked to. I feel like I need to go on an expedition around London taking photos on it then just upload a blogpost on all of them... Is that too indie... 


Hidden behind the jar that usually contains sweets, you can spot my business cards. 

The fairy lights are from primark, primark homeware is an amazing store to explore for some well priced cute pieces! 

^ Here you can see my proudest achievement. I know that It's kind of sad that I receive self-validation from a piece of paper with 'Grade 8' written on it, but truth be told I know how hard I worked to get to that point of expertise... and I'm so stupidly proud of myself for striving for it! 

The plague is from one of my best friends Emma, It says 'Friends are like stars, you can't always see them, but they're always there' and It's from my favourite independent retailer Lisa Angel. Such a cute birthday present, especially seeing as she lives in Norfolk whilst i'm in London! 

The little green clock is from Tiger, in Bristol. The Stone box was a present from when I was younger.  & to the left is the Jelly Bean 'Bean Boozled' Challenge. 

If you're moving away from home something I would definitely suggest is have photographs everywhere. I love to see the people in my room smiling back at me that I know have got me to where I am today. I have such amazing people in my life from Norfolk, who I miss every single day. 

This beautiful storage contraption drove my Dad barmy. He couldn't believe that I wanted to bring a streamline chest of draws to uni, but I am SO glad I did. These draws are the 'Alex' from Ikea and cost £90. Within them I store make up/beauty products as well as clothes. (Imagine taking this up a list to a high floor of a university halls... hahaha sorry Dad! The London Stickers on it are from Paperchase. 

Here you can see my more practical/academic shelf. To the right are books from my course, where as to my left are an array of wonders. The most obvious one you see is my secret garden adult colouring in book, which I have talked about before and ADORE. Behind that I have an tonnes of sheet music and lyric sheets (I have a keyboard under my bed). 

This mug has a story behind it I'll probably never tell this website. But I like the fact that it displays a good message (excuse the pun) and It reminds myself everyday to try and be a better Han. This mug is, of course, from my favourite home ware spot Wilko. The 'Bee Happy' fabric underneath is from a present that 3 of my friends got me for my birthday from Lush. 

The softest blanket you will ever touch. Primark. BUY IT FROM PRIMARK! 

Probably my best room investment. £4 from wilko, your friends can use it to deface when they're bored/tipsy, or you can use it for revision/food list purposes. TOP TIP: I bought the sticky hook in a pack from wilko.


Bought up in Scotland when I was is year 8 maybe? This cute little contraption sits fondly on my window sill, it used to have hooks on it... they have magically disappeared. 

Lastly what is a room tour without an obligatory pyjama photo shoot? How awesome are these Elsa themed pyjamas. They're also so comfortable and perfect for the winter. I'm such a huge fan of South Beach official and I really recommend heading over to their website for some super comfortable new pyjamas. Everyone knows you need to treat yourself to some new PJ's before christmas! 

Elsa 'Snow Way' 

Hope you all enjoyed seeing my London room! I didn't show you the bathroom because I feel thats a bit too intrusive. 


Lots of love, 


Monday 12 October 2015

Urban Decay DUPES - Naked & Basics!

W7 is a brand that I scrolled across when I was trying to do some Amazon make up shopping. If you're not an avid online shopper of make-up, I may need to convert you. I have discovered lots of hidden treasures from online make up shopping and Amazon make up shops always make me so excited! 

The two palettes I picked up are the W7 IN THE BUFF - LIGHTLY TOASTED and W7 IN THE CITY. The Lightly Toasted is a dupe of Urban Decay Naked 1 whereas the In The City Is a dupe of Naked Basics 2. (Just to note, they also have a dupe of Naked 2, 3 & smokey as well as Naked Basics 1). 

The first Palette I'm going to talk about is the W7 In The City. I'll admit that palettes are my Everest, but most of my collection are shimmer so the addition of some matte's was really needed. The shades in this palette are so wearable and natural. In comparison to the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette the colours are practically identical and when you're paying a tiny fraction of their prices (£3-4!!), who can argue? 

The next palette is right up my street. Now although I don't own the Naked 1 palette, I do own the Naked 2 so I am able to compare their quality. Although with a drug store dupe, you're not going to get the exact same product. The colour and pigmentation is so close, that If I told someone the shadow was from Naked 1 they wouldn't question it. The brush that the product comes with is poor quality, but there's a reason why Urban Decay have the ability to distribute such high quality brushes... cough £40. 

I have to say the colours of this palette by photography, do not come out as vivid as they look in person! 


My next purchase is definitely going to be the dupe of Naked Basics 1, 'In The Mood' for £3 its incredible! I may just buy all the palettes, because that still wouldn't cost the same as 1 Naked palette.  As always I hope I encouraged you to venture online to buy some beauty products, I definitely recommend W7, I'm surprised they're not stocked by SuperDrug or Boots yet! 

Lots of love, 

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