Monday 30 June 2014

Last night OTTD

Quick short and sweet. 

Skirt: miss selfridge: £25 top: topshop shoes: newlook £19.99 

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Day one and a bit... MALLORCA

So I am in Mallorca for a week! Huzzah! It's all been a little bit hectic lately and it's been so nice to 
r e l a x. 

So first... Some OTTD shots. 

Day time look FT my amazing kimono. 

Sunglasses: Riverisland (bought on asos)
Shorts: Missguided £19.99 
Kimono & Top: Newlook K: £19.99 T: present 

I love this kimono because I can get the right balance of clothes on, also I get so self-conscious wearing shorts and this gives me the ability to wear them without worry. 

The Fault In Our Stars 

So this book has been popping up EVERYWHERE. Lots of younger girls have been reading this especially. But I don't feel like it is set to one audience. Throughout there are literacy references, the themes and story lines are dark. It is however as the reviews say clever witty and damn right genius. If you haven't read this book yet, get it. I read it In a day and a bit. 

A cheeky purchase. 

These earrings are fresh water pears. They cost €14.99 and they're stunning. I do find beauty in simplicity I never like anything that is too fussy. These images really do not show how beautiful these earrings are. 

From day to night... 

I know these photos aren't exactly 100% flattering but oh well. 
Kimono: Newlook £19.99
Shoes: Newlook £19.99 
Top: Newlook SALE 
I'm noticing a pattern emerging. 
Nail Varnish: Topshop 

Bikini reviews coming soon FT my triangl bikini and some other goodies. 

I'm now off to sunbathe, 

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Friday 27 June 2014

Formal (Outfit Update)

I have been doing soooo much shopping lately and I can't wait to share my outfits with you very soon. I'm going to Mallorca tomorrow which I'm super excited about and my life has been a bit hectic at the moment! So my formal was on the 26th of June and it was at NCFC. Here's what I wore... 

Dress: LOVE @ Topshop 
Shoes: NewLook 
Clutch: TKMAX 
Necklace & earrings: Nova Silver 
Watch: MK 

Hope you all love my prom look! 

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Friday 20 June 2014

'When in cambridge...'


To celebrate my 18th birthday, my boyfriend organised a surprise trip to cambridge to celebrate! Such a wonderful present and I loved it! In this blog post I'll be explaining what I did. 

Dress & Scarf: H&M 
Shoes: Primark 
Necklace and earrings:
Leather Jacket: Wallis (Detachable fur)

                                  '& WHAT?'

'When In cambridge... SHOP!' 


Obviously on a visit to cambridge you're going to visit shops! I haven't been able to go into shops in sooooo long due to A levels and exams. Of all the high street shops Miss Selfridge and River Island are on top form! Here are some of my favourites I found in Riverisland...

I have to say with TopShop especially I was very disappointed. Now I don't know if it's just the stock they had in the cambridge shop, but It's very rare that I ever go into a shop and can't find one thing I like! 

The market.

I absolutely love the cambridge market. From cute trinkets, to great vinyl, to sweet stalls and even take a way waffles! The trinket shops are full of cute quotes for your walls, beautiful decorations that I just loved. Also near the market you can visit the 'fudge factory'...  I had the sea salted fudge... and wow. Even just to visit for some taste testers! 

Light lunch?

We got a deal from  Where we got a bottle of wine and their Nachos! I loved all the deco in this place. 

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Nachos! 

I loved ta bouche, the theme was right up my street and was just in general classy and a lovely place to stop for a bite to eat/a drink during your trip to cambridge! It was away from the 'hustle and bustle' and was lovely.  

Go punting! 

Such a classic and romantic thing to do when you're In cambridge! My boyfriend looked up punting online before we went and the cheapest he could find was £80!!!!!! I know. So when we were there we booked to go and it was only £10 each, which is very reasonable for a 45 min tour including being told about the history of the colleges in cambridge. Here are some snapshots i took. 

Have a cidre on the river like me! (Or wine)

Dinner: Where I dined.

This restaurant had mixed reviews online but we thought we would give it a go! One of the waitresses was a bit sharp but the other was lovely. The restaurant was an authentic italian and I did enjoy it. My meal was a spicy tomato pasta and my boyfriend had a seafood pizza which he raved about! 

So that's the end of my trip! The start to my birthday celebrations! Hurrah!
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Friday 13 June 2014

The next missguided?

Ladies and gentlemen... I bring to you MISSPAP.

So one day I was going through my daily scroll of shops on instagram and I came across MISSPAP. They very kindly sent me this gorgeous dress which Is comfortable, summery and stylish. Here's how I styled It. 

Enjoy my cringe worthy selfie overload! Also, i know my hair looks sort of dip dyed up (I'm not trying to be a zoella wannabe - though who wouldn't want to be her) my colour is growing out! 


Shoes: Primark 
Lipstick: Kate Moss
Eyebrows: Soap and Glory (highly recommend) 
Going to do a beauty favourites post very soon! Will keep you posted... pun intended. I am so not funny. 

I love this website. When i say i think it's the next missguided i'm not joking! It's genuinely a lovely online website with items I haven't seen on other store - good value for money too! 
Wish list...

Click on the pictures to bring them up on the website! 

I've been searching for a kimono I like for quite some time now, MissPap have a great variety with some gorgeous prints. The blue is my favourite! Simple and beautiful. Need to get one for my holidays!

Many of you will know I love pink. I think this playsuit is quirky fun and great for summer. I can imagine this on holiday, at a festival, meals, bbq's, you name it! Versatile and gorgeous. 

SHOES!!! No surprise there then, some gorgeous chunky heels.  I love this style and just think the white is sharp and would go with a lot of outfits! Who wants to wear black shoes all the time right girls?

 This next one I think would be great in many seasons. I saw this and instantly thought of how much I would love to wear this in NY at christmas. In case you didn't know, this year i am spending a week with my family (over chirstmas) in New York. I am sooooo excited and without a doubt there will be numerous blogs about my travels! 

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Thanks for reading guys! 

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