Saturday 21 March 2015

GRWM Lisa Angel Event

Hello everyone! So as you know fashion week has been and gone, but NFW (Norwich) was last week. I was invited to attend the Lisa Angel Event in the lanes and I just couldn't help myself. I discovered Lisa Angel through their pop up shop they have in chapelfields and strolls through the lanes on the way to dancing/singing lessons. There's something adorable about the shabby sheek style which I personally adore. 

Lisa Angel is launching two new lines in store and online! 'Lisa Angel Bold' 'Lisa Angel Delicate'. With Lisa Angel being a local shop to me, I feel like it is important to help to spread their work! I personally prefer delicate jewellery as I think it makes a statement in a different way. I think it would be really hard to go in to this shop, or look online, and not find the perfect gift for somebody. 

Lisa Angel Delicates

How cute is this little moon?

Perfect for a festival!
Emma was swooning over these beautiful mugs!
Lisa Angel Bold
My favourite from the bold collection.
It's a small world hey? The Orelia Jewellery stand. 

I want my home to look like this!
Founder and Owner Lisa
Founder & Owner Lisa
Papped my friend Emma checking out their mother's day display. 

The Norwich Fashion Week window designed by students at City College Norwich.

If you are searching for some beautiful and quirky items, the perfect gift or just fancy a stroll online. I thoroughly recommend you check out Lisa Angel! I couldn't help myself whilst browsing the store with a glass of prosecco, so I purchased some small rose gold hoops! (I may have been wearing them practically every day since... oops!)

I filmed a GRWM over on my YouTube Channel of the outfit in my previous post and the make-up look. I've hit 600 subs on YouTube now, which is crazy for me as I started it after my blog as a project! I'm also so close to 2K on blog lovin' which is crazy! 

Hope you all enjoyed this post, I really love attending events like this and meeting lovely people! 


Sunday 15 March 2015

Sunshine Orelia

Hello beautiful people! 

I was kindly sent this beautiful jewellery from Orelia through Etail PR. And oh my gosh. There's something about delicate beautiful jewellery which I can't get enough of lately. I feel like it truly finishes a beautiful outfit. And oh my gosh do I adore this outfit. I would definitely recommend Orelia If you're looking for some new jewellery that finishes an outfit! I will link to them below.
(my fave is the wishbone)

I bought this coat from Boohoo after seeing Zoe's (Zoella's) lookbook. With outfits lately I really want to push my comfort zone, well I want to do that anyway, and I thought what better than a bright yellow/lime/mustard coat. Norfolk on a whole is quite a conservative place. You don't tend to see many people walking around in something slightly different. And I just don't think I care anymore... haha. 

So I wore this stunning outfit in a YouTube video & to an event for Norwich Fashion Week (blogpost). So there's lots of lovely stuff for you all to come... also a Brighton Vlog! I am definitely on it atm. 

On note, these heels are probably not best for walking around in... as I got blisters CRY. But they did look stunning with this outfit! 

Black | Yellow | Falling over blogging fail | Sandy from Greece hair | Heels. 

Lots of exciting videos going up on my YouTube this week, subscribe to keep updated! 

Lots of love, 


Sunday 8 March 2015

The start of spring ☀

Good sunday morning to you all!

In Norfolk It's starting to genuinely feel like the spring is upon us - thank god. I don't really have a favourite season that I prefer over the other, but I feel like this year is going to be such a great year for me and the fact that spring is near is exciting me!
I had saturday off work this weekend, which meant I got to spend some quality time with my boyfriend Ash and my parents; which was lovely. Seeing as it was sunny we decided to go down to the river and go for a walk & drink. I spontaneously brought my camera along and although this isn't a normal type of post for me, I thought some of you may be interested in Norfolk and my saturday (which felt like the first day of spring). If not, that's fine and you can come back soon for a fashion post!
I love the photos I took, as simple as they may be. So seeing as this is my website, my story... and all that... I'm sharing them! 

I know this is unconventional for me, but I just think these photos are so beautiful. I posted on my instagram earlier on in the week a quote which said 'Take time to do what makes your soul happy'. And that's what I've been doing lately. I've been on YouTube more and more and I'm now over 500 subscribers, which made me so crazily happy. Thank you if you're subbed and If you're not, you totally should! You'll make my day honestly. 

Hopefully you enjoyed these photos from sunny Norfolk broads. I know I enjoyed taking them, and I do really enjoy sharing with you all more personal elements of my life over merely the clothes & beauty products I'm loving. (My Barcelona and New York posts were popular too so I thought why not!) 

P.s My welly boots are hunter kids (half the price) and my sunglasses are Michael Kors and were a gift from Ash. 

Lots of love,

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