Saturday 26 July 2014

A summery OOTD

I'm not feeling my best physically as I had an 11hour shift at work yesterday and I don't look my best... However I do love this outfit. I love the fact the scarf is light and injects a pop of colour in to my outfit! 
Hope you are all well. 

How cute is this car btw... So vintage. 

I bought 2 lovely embellished pairs of sandals today & a LBD. Can't wait to share some holiday posts.

Scarf: Fapos
Top: Topshop
Shorts: Riverisland
Shoes: Style Edit
Sunglasses: Accessorize

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Tuesday 22 July 2014

We Are Emblem

Quirky eye stopping jewellery, that doesn't break your bank. I love the fact this jewellery is so individual and spices up a boring outfit. I've fallen in love with the weight and feel of these two items and would definitely reccomend to a friend so that's why I'm reccomending it to you guys! 


A little hello from the creative genius Jessica Marak...

'To me a necklace is more than a piece of jewelry. It is an abstract representation of who you are: your mood, your style, your taste. The EMBLEMs we wear are like badges that identify who we are before we even get the chance to say, "Hello."

EMBLEM is a jewelry line that features semi-precious stones, raw brass, suede, wood and ceramic. I am inspired by raw stones, geometric shapes, simplicity, naturally occurring texture, symmetry, black, white and gold.
EMBLEM was created as an outlet for me to design one-of-a-kind jewelry as well as an aspirational brand to showcase my work. My aim is to make wearable, everyday jewelry that is not only beautiful and unique, but also affordable.' 

If you do one thing today, be sure to check out Jess at EMBLEM. 

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Thursday 17 July 2014

A weekend away with my best friends...

So this year I'm going to Latitude! With a surprise announcement that Lily Allen is playing you can imagine my excitement. I'm all kitted up and ready to go, this does mean I will be out of business till Monday and I'm sorry about that! 
The bag of death is full of wonderful things but it weighs a TONNE. I cannot wait to share with you all my pics from my disposable cameras, hopefully that'll make for a good post. EEK! 

Have a nice weekend everyone! 
Batwing top: h&m 
Shorts: River Island (the best non butt shorts in the world) 
Necklace: Sara Sister Vintge 
Wellies: Hunters Children (go up to 6 and are ridiculously cheaper than adults) 
Sunglasses: Accessorize 
Lips: Clinique chubby stick 

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Saturday 12 July 2014

LAM Knitwear

I don't normally do this but i'm going to start this post/review with links to LAM Knitwear's company.

Brief explanation of company.


Behind the label: LAM knitwear is hand knitted by rural women in Zimbabwe. The initiative behind each fairly labored garment is to employ and ultimately empower woman artisans. We use only natural blended yarn of cotton, wool, bamboo and cashmere etc. The artisanal aspect, coupled with natural fibers makes this brand special.' 

It's very rare as a fashion blogger to come across a company like LAM. And for them to have beautiful products like LAM do. 
When I recieved these bralets as you can see I was over the moon. I haven't been able to wear one out yet as there was a bit of a bra predicament as they are backless and hand knit. HOWEVER I bought a strapless nude bra from primark for £5 (bargain). 

So I can finally wear these bralets and I'm  so happy about it because it means it can feature in my Latitude Festival outfits!  
Here's some snaps of outfits I put together the other day. 

Both Bralets: LAM Knitwear
Shorts: Levi Vintage 
Skirt: Miss Selfridge

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Thursday 10 July 2014

Gingham inspired.

Something tells me I look a little over happy in the first photograph.

Top: Reckless Apparel 

Necklace: I'm a little magpie 

Hope you love my gingham look! This necklace Is a complete gem and I have worn it 3 days in a row! Ooops! I hope you are all good. 

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Friday 4 July 2014


So, there has been a lot of speculation in the UK about triangl bikinis. We love how they look but can we justify £50 without trying one on?! .... Well. 

I was lucky enough to recieve this triangl bikini as a gift. Lucky me. So it was non obligatory to write a review about it. They were worried due to stock issues that the bikini wouldn't arrive it time for my first holiday. However It arrived the day before! Hurrah! 

(I know I folded it triangl, I'm sorry I hadn't read the care card!) 

Their website has people you can talk to about the bikinis, sizing i assume is mainly what they get asked.
It was quick and simple to find out the name of the bikini, I would really reccomend even if you can't afford one having a look on their website as their bikinis are gorgeous. I was a little put off by their Instagram, as let's be honest we are not all Australian models. 


I'm a size 10. The bikini bottoms are sized S 8-10 M 10-12. PAIN. I chose the M and they fit fine. Bare in mind if you're ordering one that they are tight fit. I chose the top size S which I did regret as I underestimated my boob size! 

Don't let it put you off. I know you'll have to return them half way across the world (sort that out triangl) but they are worth it!

Your bikini comes with a special care card which describes how to look after your bikini as it is neoprene. A nice touch I thought! Don't fold it. Iron it if need be. Hand wash. Store flat. (Hard to store flat in a suitcase...) READ THE CARD. 

Overall I love this bikini. I think it's flattering and eye catching and I don't think you can go wrong with a triangl bikini. Yes it may be around £50, but you pay for the quality. Neoprene = no see through bikinis!

Happy shopping girls! Check out triangl at 

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