Friday 12 February 2016

The BEST Dark Purple Lipstick

To many beauty lovers, this blog post will come as no surprise. Lipsticks for me are a complete hobby, so before christmas I splurged and bought myself the Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry. I am a fan of a dark lip now and again, so seeing as it is winter I knew I would be wearing a darker lip more often. I tend to go through fazes with colours e.g. a red phase, nude, pinks, lip gloss, purple tonnes etc.   

Effect: The lipstick is a matte effect but it, amazingly, does not dry out your lips AT ALL. This is something which seriously frustrates me with matte lipsticks, and not to sound snobby, but it is way more common in drug store lipsticks. As someone with dry skin the worst thing is wearing a matte lipstick and having it crack your lips, meaning this attribute is a winner for me. 9/10

Packaging: I know it's superficial of me to talk about this, but... WOW the beautiful rose gold exterior of this lipstick makes me so ridiculously happy. I am a sucker for rose gold now and again, so having a little gem like this in my lipstick holders does tempt me to grab for it more often. 10/10

Colour: The colour is a beautiful dark purple. It's definitely a 'screw you' colour, which does - obviously - attract attention when you wear it. I would say it is a warm toned purple, which means that it doesn't make your face look paler, which some cool toned purples may. 9/10

Staying Power: OK... So I'm not saying you can eat an entire meal and your lipstick will still be perfect, HOWEVER... because it's a matte lipstick the staying power on your lips is amazing without being too drying. 7/10

Scent: Now this may seem like a slightly bizarre section to have on a beauty review, but the vanilla scent of this lipstick makes it smell almost edible. 8/10

Why buy Glastonberry by Charlotte Tilbury? Well. For me it was a splurge before christmas, a treat, a screw you,  a 'I'll wear what I want, and be who I want'. Taking risks with make up and clothing items has really made me into a more confident human and I strongly suggest that you all take a risk in an item you purchase this week. You never know, this lipstick may be what my yellow coat is to me, for you!  

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