Wednesday 22 April 2015

Accessorise your happiness

Hello all! Now I want to make one apology about this post before I even start it... This coat has been featured twice. Ooops. It has also sold out... That's Zoella's influence for you! But you can still buy similar on boohoo here.

The weather has been so beautiful lately, every UK blogger's DREAM. I'm definitely going to take advantage of the summer months for blogging, I do find that I blog more in the summer. Mainly because I have more time and the weather is more on my side. This summer Is going to be huge for me as it is my last one before University. Scary. Although I will miss beautiful Norfolk, I am ready for London... I think. 

 I was going to delete this picture from the post as my scar on my eyelid is really visible and I am self conscious about it... But then I remembered that it is something individual about my appearance and I shouldn't try to mask that from any of you. I got this scar when I was 3 years old from falling over and hitting a wooden box. I had to have butterfly stitches, but as 3 year old of course I remember none of this: 16 years later and It's still visible. It has never really bothered me as I don't notice it anymore, I guess It's just a part of my face that is individual and I reckon I will have the scar for the rest of my life. 
were that orange lipstick han

 Side note: How crazy long has my hair got in a year? I've been using some amazing products and I think I'll need to share them with you all in a blog post/youtube video. For me this is crazy different in under a year, my hair literally never grows! If I do a hair care I will probably do a video, and have photographs on my blog post with a link to it... But you can subscribe to my youtube for safety measures if you are interested!
The little details really make an outfit for me.

.... Fail 

dat shadow though

I think this photo really emphasises my short/petite-ness, I'm 5ft3 & 1/2 (yes the half matters) if you didn't already know!

This photo captures my bronzer really well. I'm using the bourjous chocolate bronzer at the minute and I absolutely ADORE it. If you're looking for a new bronzer that will be good for the summer season I definitely recommend it!

Likewise with the scar... no one is perfect :)


I love this make-up look, I just adore gold shimmer on my eyelid it's by far my favourite eye look. 
 I've been trying to match lips and nails more to my outfits. This gorgeous coral/orange colour is a Revlon Lip Butter Crayon in 'Mischievous', the nails are Ciate 'Big Yellow Taxi' and the shadow is Clinique 330 'Gold Rush'. If you have any questions on any of the make-up in this look, feel free to comment and I'll let you know.

Do my hands look weird in this or is it just me?
The bead work on these cute pumps definitely make a difference! 

I love delicate jewellery and I'm not a massive fan of dangly earrings generally. The first lobe earrings were a present from my parents from when they went to Nerja in the Easter holidays for a week. Baby blue is one of my favourite colours so I of course adore them. The little star earring and the tragus bar are both from Body Jewellery Shop and they have become great statements in my day to day jewellery look!

Stunning right... STUNNING! This beautiful necklace is from Lisa Angel Uk and Is only £14. Lisa Angel are a jewellery, accessories and home ware retailer. They are a local independent store to me, situated in the Norwich Lanes. Lisa Angel offer a range of items in store and online.
 These include a range of jewellery from earrings, necklaces bracelets etc. as well as personalised jewellery (engraved). You can find accessories such as bags, make up bags and scarves, they also offer  home ware which tends to be decorative/everyday items. You can find a wide selection of glasses, mugs, signs and other home ware essentials on their site but they offer a quirky twist to them with personalisation and a shabby sheek look. 

I adore their range and it is all available online with free delivery. This necklace especially would make a fabulous present for someone. I adore the fact that their jewellery has the option of personalisation at an affordable price. 

Dress | Primark 
Coat | Boohoo 
Necklace | Lisa Angel Uk 
Shoes | Newlook 
Earrings | Holiday present/ Body Jewellery Shop 

Beauty products mentioned 

I'm going to leave you all with a question, what's your favourite company for delicate jewellery? Mine is Lisa Angel, look forward to hearing what you all think! 

Lots of love, 


Monday 20 April 2015

Jamie Oliver's Norwich Review!

Let me start this by saying... what is my life? I feel so privileged that I get to work with so many amazing companies. So the lovely lady Verena from the London PR team contacted me about reviewing Jamie's Norwich. Of course I said yes, who wouldn't want to? I've said before that It's so important to me to support local companies to me especially, whether they're independent stores or chains.

Isn't this necklace beautiful? It's from a local company Lisa Angel, I'll be doing posts with them soon! (You may have already seen one if you're a frequent reader!)

Upon arrival we were greeted with the lovely staff who definitely put me at ease. My boyfriend was telling me not to be silly and get nervous, but I've never done something like this before... and I guess I was worried that they may have pre-conceptions of what I would be like... how old I would be... I don't even know. I was nervous. Our lovely waitress Jo, was so helpful throughout the meal and very friendly. She also told me about her passion for photography and showed interest in my blog, which was really refreshing and definitely relaxed me because I knew she got me.

- side note : They're missing a trick there... Photographer who has a blog... Hopefully Jamie's will use the potential of all their staff and incorporate talent in more than one way. :) 

Let's start with the setting shall we?
Jamie Oliver's Norwich is in the arcade which is a very picturesque area in Norwich situated close to the castle. It is definitely a lovely tucked away restaurant, which discrepancy speaks louder than more commercial chains. It gives the store a more personal touch in my eyes and I also feel the stores decor on the outside of the building was very in fitting with the arcade.


To start me and Ash had the 'Nachos'. Oh boy. If you go to Jamie's in any area of the UK, you NEED to try these. They're like fried ravioli with parmesan and chilli. I can't even describe to you how nice they are. They're the perfect 'pre starter' if you're feeling naughty, they'd also be really nice lunch as part of a lunch with a few other sides/starters.

For starters seeing as neither me or my boyfriend eat meat, we went for the vegetable plank. Now there was a little bit of confusion here when we got two large cans of tomatoes placed on the table... Me and Ash were having a giggle about it and wondering whether we were supposed to eat them out of the can (don't even ask), he dared me to but of course I didn't... It did make sense though when they were used as a stand for the vegetable plank. Very innovative, but we did have a good laugh about why on earth they were placed on our table! Haha. Out of all of the course I had I would say this was my least favourite as I personally wasn't a big fan of the kale slaw (probably because I'm not a major mayo lover...). The other elements of the plank were all lovely, I guess It just didn't have the wow factor for me... even though it was very nice!

I decided for mains to go for 'vegetable rotolo al forgo' and Asher went for 'squid & mussel spaghetti nero'. My main course was absolutely beautiful. I've never had pumpkin in a meal and I was a bit dubious, but with the spinach and ricotta It was gorgeous. I also really loved the fact that they added the breadcrumbs on a spoon, I thought it gave the dish a more rustic feel and It definitely added to the texture of the dish! I have to say in general I was blown away with the vast amount of flavour that Jamie's injected into this dish, I loved it and I would definitely go back just for this main; It was that good! I was very sceptical of Asher's black squid ink spaghetti if I'm honest! He said it was lovely and that it was all flavoured well. However he did say momentarily that he would have liked a little bit more sauce/fish in the dish to even out the spaghetti ratio. Nevertheless he loved the meal and we both finished with empty plates, much to Jo's relief!

By the time it came to desserts... I wasn't entirely sure whether I should get one or not due to being in food bliss from my main. We both looked at the menu and were slightly surprised not to see Tiramisu  , which is notably both mine and Ash's favourite desert. However I ended up going for the 'Epic Chocolate Brownie' which I seriously struggled to finish (I did leave some sob... I tried!) and Ash went for the ice-cream 'Salted Caramel, Butter Scotch, Coffee with Honey Comb and Butterscotch sauce.' You should have seen his face when he tucked into the coffee Ice cream, It was an absolute picture!

Drinks? Yes they have them covered too!
Ash had 3... YES 3, of Jamie's Liberta beer. He loved the fact that they had their own craft brewed larger. He also asked about their other beers and discovered that they use the wolf brewery which is a local company which he has tried before and really enjoyed.
I went for a glass of pinot grigio blush, which is my go to wine! And then I decided to have a cheeky peach bellini which I had never had before and really loved. Since then I saw Jamie post the recipe on his instagram, click here. 

For afters Asher decided to go for their 12 year matured Italian brandy, where as I went for a amaretto which Jo said 'It will be like amaretto you have never tried before', she had a point.

Overall the experience at Jamie Oliver's Norwich was amazing. I also noticed on a table next to us that a party had a special Happy Birthday desert which I thought was such a thoughtful nice touch that more restaurants should embrace! I really can't criticise the food at Jamie's, it's beautiful. As a vegetarian, all of the options I would have happily eaten (which is rare). There was also the right level of service, we didn't feel rushed or ignored.

Jamie Oliver Website 
Jamie Oliver Menu 

Hope you enjoyed this post, I know it's a little different!

Lots of love, 

P.s He was never one for taking photos...


Monday 13 April 2015



I was doing my usual stroll through online shops and I went onto Tuesday Lane - OH MY. 
I would just like to 100% say that these wedges are genuinely from River Island. The River Island heels are normally between £50-£90 and frankly my budget doesn't stretch it. River Island sold these in three different shades to tuesday lane for them to sell on (similarly to how ASOS stock River Island). 

The wedges arrived in the 'River Island' statement green box, and clearly had the stickers, labels and as you can see sole trademark. The only difference? THE PRICE TAG! I'm finding it hard not to get carried away here...

So I've been associated with Tuesday Lane for a while now and I have to say they never fail to surprise me with their stock. A lot of what you find on there is exactly what you've been looking for, but the price tag has been slashed in half. I've always been one for good quality at a low cost and Tuesday Lane definitely delivers on that one. 

Personally I find that wedges are one of the most comfortable heels to wear. The platform however can cause me some ankle 'wobbly' moments depending on the shoe for me. These ones are perfect because they have strong support round the ankle and all the way down the foot. I don't find my self worrying about my feet I just get to trot around being about 5-6 inches taller, which for a 5ft3.5 (yes the point 5 matters) Is like a dream come true. 

I have to say I'm surprised these wedges are the price they are, monochrome is still a very large statement in fashion at the minute and the gold hardware make it easy to style with bags and jewellery! If I have convinced you but the black and white just isn't your style; don't fret. The wedges are also available in a gorgeous statement coral, perfect for spring, as well as a beige/cream pair. 

I honestly can't wait to style these beauties, I think I'm going to wear them out for one of my friends Natalie's 18th birthday. We've been talking about what we are going to wear for ages now and these wedges just fit the criteria perfectly. 

Lots of love, 


Sunday 5 April 2015

Easter food box fun!

Hi EVERYONE! Yes, I know... I've been a bit quiet. (eek) I've been so busy as all of my friends are back from university and I also have two huge assignments due in when I get back off Easter AND I've been working weekends with my part-time job! Hectic I know. But I thought I would start off with a post on my monthly food box for you all! 

If you are a regular reader of my blog you'll know the Degustabox Uk are a monthly subscription box, although you can buy one off boxes. They make for great presents, ways to spice up your kitchen cabinets and for that excitement of not knowing what you may receive. 

This months box was my favourite so far. Merely because the majority of the items in it I was so excited to try!  To see my favourites from the box and for a discount code scroll down! :) 

The best BBQ Sauce I have ever had. It truly tastes and smells so gorgeous. Everyone in my family tries to pair this BBQ sauce with any meal. Me and my brother especially cannot get enough of it! (The bottle is also very aesthetically pleasing!)
I had never tried Maynards sour patch kids before. They are the perfect revision snack! 

I actually received the egg version of these yummy eggs, the white chocolate are my favourite! I did a cheeky instagram post on it to wish you all 'Happy Easter!'
Instagram: hannahjanewilliams
I'm a massive lover of Granola, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw this huge bag in my box!
Not a massive fan of the black cherry flavour but the Raspberry and Rhubarb was delicious!


Happy Easter all, I am going to get some college work done now and prep a video and blog post before I go out for dinner tonight. Hope you all have a lovely day and fill up with lots of chocolate treats!

Lots of love, 

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