Friday 2 February 2018

Proto-col, Profusion, Embryolisse, Know Cosmetics (UNDISCOVERED BEAUTY)

As a blogger, you receive lots of make up from brands you may have heard of but never tried, or new brands that are gracing the instagram feeds of most people interested in beauty blogging. 
Truth be told, recently I have received items from the brand profusion, proto-col, embryolisse and Know Cosmetics. I thought I would do a blog post discussing the products and which ones I would recommend trying.

Starting with profusion the two palettes, one called 'ProFace and the other named 'Naturals'. I actually did an Instagram story with the naturals palette testing it out. I was pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation, although it was tougher to blend then high end eyeshadow, the colours are so wearable on a day to day basis. The colours such as fearless a muted orange and amour a rose shade with a slight shimmer make the palette transferable from day to night. I do prefer the shimmers in the palette, specifically terrific and excited work well together with blue eyes. 

The proface palette is more for me because It is an all in one palette eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, highlight and brow product; even brushes! The eyeshadow shades in it are also majority shimmer shades which for me is way better than the naturals palette (majority matte). My specific favourite shades from it are 'certain' and 'sunny'.

One surprise in my mail was Embryolisse moisturisers, this brand has been floating around the blogosphere, and I wanted to try them as Embryolisse is a very reputable brand. Just going to say straight away 'Lait-Creme Concentre' Edition limitee Paris, was just not for me. Although it was a good moisturiser due to it smelling slightly fragranced, I would use it on my body but not on my face. 
The other two however, have been my saviour for my dry skin during winter. The rich moisturising cream for dry dehydrated skin, has been my daily moisturiser and I do not want it to run out!  Whereas the Intense Smooth Radiant Complexion Is for anti-fatigue and anti-ageing mature skin, although I am 21 and there is not really a need for anti-ageing... yet... the cream does help the skin feel more lifted and healthy. 

Proto-col baked mineral shimmer are like a bobbi brown dupe. The shades are warm and probably would be more wearable in the summer than winter, meaning it's hard to pass a judgement on these products yet. The shade 'nude pink' is wearable with a full face of make up as a blush, which also has a touch of shimmer to highlight as well. 

'No Dark Shadows' to me the shade is too orange, even with my yellow under-toned skin, as well as this for the price with limited shade range (2!!!) I do not think it is worth the money (£15). 
'No Thin Lips' this product is amazing, I put it on top of my lipstick to help plump my lips, hence the colour in the tube; beauty blogger issues. 
'No Bare Brows' the eyebrow pencil on this, pleasantly surprised me. The waxy formulae made for easy application, more suited to a heavy face of make up for a night out. It is less of a natural look, but extremely long wearing. 
'No Bleeding Lips' the concept, I love. The product, I'm indifferent. I did not notice a huge benefit of wearing the lip liner, although my lipstick did not bleed, It seemed a little pointless. 

With these brands there is always going to be hit and miss, some products you will love and others you may question the use. With the beauty industry constantly changing, there is always going to be products that are innovative and different - but make sure you check online reviews before you buy! 

Lots of love, 

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