Thursday 23 July 2015

She In Norfolk

I was contacted recently by SheIn (She Inside), asking to browse their site for an Item. After careful consideration I went for this beautiful red summer dress. I should start by saying... It's £8.48! She In have amazing quality and cheap clothing which makes it really accessible to all. So for all you students out there looking for some cheap but great quality clothes, be sure to check out She In!
I've been trying to pick wardrobe items lately which are transferable between the seasons... e.g. In autumn I could wear this dress with tights and boots, whereas in spring and summer no tights and sandals. 
As most of you know, I've been trying to be more me lately... bolder and in general caring less what people think of me. In all honesty it's quite refreshing to be able to put on whatever item of clothing and have a 'and what' attitude. At the end of the day fashion is art, it's a way of expressing yourself and displaying confidence. Therefor this bold print and bright red summer dress was the exact thing I wanted to inject into my capsule wardrobe.

I decided to add a vintage Levi Jacket to the look. This jacket was actually my mums when she was my age (19) meaning it's over 30 years old. Something I love about Levi is that they wear sooo well.  I'm also pretty sure the design of this vintage Levi jacket is a men's, but again... there aren't many limitations in fashion anymore. It's nice to be able to wear men's/woman's/unisex clothing and still give it a feminine feel.
I was attending a party for my friend Jess' birthday where the theme was 'Dress Jess'. She is known for her denim jacket loving. (Also I thought she would like this dress, which is the first thing she said when I got there!) Nonetheless if you are reading this Jessie, happy birthday! 

The shoes I paired this outfit with are from... PRIMARK! I was lusting over a pair from office which cost ridiculous amounts. So when I came across this pair in the Bath Primark, I was completely over the moon. I have only since seen one pair in the Norwich Primark and they were a size 7. I was super desperate to get my hands on the black pair for £14, but somehow I don't believe that's going to happen... Norwich Primark isn't that great! 

One of my favourite things about this dress is the fabric. It's thin and holds it's shape, but it doesn't hug too closely to my skin to be uncomfortable/show all my wobbly bits (we all have them). Something which is great about She In is that they have so many different styles, shapes and fabric options so there really is something for everyone. 

Side note - I'm seriously going to miss having picturesque backdrops like this. Norfolk, be it quiet, has so much beauty. Believe it or not this is actually the view from my family garden. Bliss. Hopefully I will be able to find a few amazing backgrounds in London and a friend who doesn't mind taking photographs! 

Dad's shadow though...

Can we bring bangles back? OK I will admit I have had these bracelets for 5 years maybe? I just love the feel of having something jangly on my wrist and as you all know I love statement jewellery and accessories. Something else I will say, as I've said before I believe, Is that if I'm having a bad day yellow nail varnish really does cheer me up. 

Jacket: Vintage Levi
Heels: Primark
Bangles: Primark
Nail Varnish: Kiko Italy '7'
Lipstick: Mac Media
Location: Norfolk

I'd like to now take this chance to formally apologise to all of you for my lack of blogging. In all honesty life just caught up with me a bit and I got really busy. However I have plenty of posts lined up for you, so don't worry m'dears! Thanks for reading as always, I am endlessly thankful for every one of you. Be sure to leave a comment & link away! 

Lots of love, 


Saturday 4 July 2015


Recently I was contacted by a company called Kini Swimwear who are from Australia asking If I wanted to create a custom made bikini. I have worked with a Australian bikini company before who you may of heard of called Triangl. Personally I am extremely picky when It comes to bikini's and underwear. This is mainly because I am pear shaped which means that not everything is that flattering on me! The Idea of choosing styles, patterns and colours and designing my own custom made bikini which is, generally speaking, one of a kind was such an exciting prospect! Especially If your one to buy a swimsuit and use it for a couple of years, having one you custom made means the likelihood of you getting bored of it is pretty slim! 

The first thing you do when you design on the site is chose the style in which you want! I went for underwire 1950's and brief style. On reflection I wish I'd gone for High Waist and Triangl as some styles I've seen people create with them are so absolutely stunning and crazy individual! The good thing about it is that you can be any shape or size and you'll be able to pick something which will suit your figure!

The next step is to choose your colour/print which oh boy is fun. If you have a stroll on Kini's Instagram you can see exact examples of what the prints look like which does really help with deciding what you want to pick! I of course went for stripes (my stripe addiction is ridiculous) and I decided to go for simple black bottoms and a pop of orange. I really like orange and yellow at the minute and I was tempted to go for the yellow stripes but I think the colours I chose will look nicer with a tan!

SIZING. This always confuses me with brands that are not from the UK, but HAVE NO FEAR! Kini have done really well to simplify this and make it blatantly obvious what size you need to be wearing. It's so important that they have the cup size option as it means you know that even if you are a size 8 with cup E boobs, your bikini top will still fit! If you are interested I went for a M in both Tops and Bottoms.

THE FINISHED PRODUCT! Do I rate it or slate it? 

DESIGN: It is spot on what I asked for and in that respect I can't fault it at all. The print is correct for the stripes, the colour is true to the site and the style is 100% what I expected from the options I chose on the site.

As a business student I can really appreciate Kini's tag line 'Choose Your Own Adventure'. To me it means that any woman can chose and design a bikini which suits them, their lifestyle and style. 

QUALITY: The bottoms of the bikini are excellent quality. I always worry with the bottom of bikinis that they will either go baggy or not be true to size. As a size 10 with an unmistakable booty, sizes can be really difficult for me, but for once (HALLELUJAH) this bikini is amazing size wise! They take into consideration your UK sizing as well as cup size (definitely something a lot of other brands need to start doing!)

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