Sunday 28 September 2014

A day with AX Paris

On Saturday the 27th of September AX Paris held their press day to meet bloggers and launch their new Autumn Winter collection. I was lucky enough to be invited by Kayleigh from AX Paris and I'm so glad I was because It was an amazing day. I headed up to manchester on the train which was a bit of an effort from Norwich, but hey ho! On arrival I met 3 fellow bloggers Lauren, Monica and Meena. (For the first time!) They were all lovely and we all got along really well. After a little bit of confusion with manchester streets and roads (going round in circles) we found the black dog ballroom where the event was being held! For an exclusive look at their new collection and to see what the press day involved keep reading!

The Photo Booth 

So none of us really got the hang of this photo booth but it was super fun all the same and we got to print some great photos from it! Such a good idea and so enjoyable. (Definitely an icebreaker!)

Monica & Lauren

The New Collection 

So the reason why we were all invited to this event was the launch of AX Paris' new Autumn Winter collection. Like all the other bloggers I had my statement favourites and I thought I would show you a few sneak peaks! 

The show stopper.

I cannot begin to explain how lovely these dresses are in person as well as in picture. The deep red rose dress is breath taking where as the mule coloured version is a subdued version which screams autumn wardrobe must have. Coming into the winter months gorgeous dresses are needed in every girls wardrobe. Whether it's for a christmas party, big event, date night, work event or anything else you can justify wearing it to! 

Slinky in Silver, My Favourite Neck Line & Lauren's Muse of the day. 

These dresses caught my eye early on in the day. I love the neckline and the simple textured pattern is so lovely. Definitely both eye catchers and once again would be perfect for the upcoming months.  The fluffy coat was an obsession of Lauren's. I don't think I have the confidence to pull off such a ballsy coat but it was sooooooo soft and definitely a popular item throughout the blogger community. 

The Lady in Red 

My favourite Item from AX Paris AW was their Red Jumpsuit. I was definite that I couldn't pull off jumpsuits until I recieved a present from my parents of my Abercrombie Jumpsuit (featured in a previous post). So you can imagine when I saw this gorgeous Red jumpsuit (bottom left) how in love I fell. Their 'Red' Section had my favourite items featuring more of my favourite neckline and favourite colour for this season.

The Spread

AX Were kind enough to put on a lovely spread of cocktails, cupcakes, pizzas, mini burgers and more! It was such a nice gesture and touch by AX Paris and the cupcakes where especially yummy and cute. 

Meeting the Girls & a Mini Photoshoot

I got the pleasure of meeting so many other bloggers and the AX Paris girls. They are all gorgeous and friendly and I really hope to stay in contact with them all.  I was a bit star struck meeting the gorgeous Victoria from 'inthefrow' and it was unfortunate that we were leaving shortly after her arrival. She is so lovely and it was a pleasure to meet a blogger as successful as Victoria. 

Mini Photo Shoot

My outfit: 
Sunglasses: Accessorize
Skirt & Body: Miss Selfridge
Boots: H&M

It was an absolute pleasure to meet these girls, so it would be rude not to mention their amazing blogs.

Lauren from
Monica from 
Meena from

The Goody Bag 

Thanks for the amazing Goody Bag AX

Thanks to the girls at AXPARIS for an amazing day.


Monday 22 September 2014

Beauty Haul & Favourites

So I've been meaning to do a beauty haul for a while and I thought whilst I was at it I would write a little personal review about the items featured. In the last year my interest in skin products in particular has grown. I was so surprised with how much a skin regime can help with my dry skin! If any of you who read this post have any suggestions on anything that could help my dry skin I would love to hear from you! 

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash: 
So I have loved the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush range for a long time. My addiction started with their exfoliating scrub (which Is my favourite exfoliater ever!). The scent is gorgeous. It's very limey and fresh and really wakes you up in the morning. It retails at £6.50 which I think for the size of the body wash is great value for money. 
Buy now: 

Malin + Gotez Vitamin b5 body moisturiser:
I stumbled across this moisturiser and it's amazing. My face went through a stage of being prone to spots and this moisturiser really helped to give me a clearer complexion. It's a little pricier than I would like but I would definitely recommend it if your budget stretches to it. 
Buy now:

Argan Oil of Morocco:
The reviews for this argan oil are really good and I can't say I'm surprised. The oil makes my hair feel super soft and I'm seriously hoping over time it will help improve my split ends (as It claims too). For the price I would definitely recommend this great product!
Buy now:

Ultimate Blends Shampoo & Conditioner:
Now I know you're supposed to change your shampoo and conditioner every 2 weeks (to protect your hair), but this set is the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used. And I've used a lot. It contains argan oil which I think is probably the reason why I love the effect it has on my hair. It's so much glossier when I use this product and in general makes my hair much softer. 
Buy now:

Arbonne Make up Primer:
Arbonne is a bit different to other companies, so don't be surprised if you haven't come across them yet. I was lucky enough to trial their 'genius' products and a few other of their skin range products and I fell in love with the quality. The reason why I bought this primer Is because it almost feels matte when you apply it to your skin but doesn't dry your skin out. I was so impressed with the affect it had on my make up staying in place and I'm so happy to share this company with you. If you would like to purchase anything from Arbonne visit their website.
Buy now:
and enter to Arbonne ID: 441217136 at the check out. 

DO NOT BE PUT OFF BY LUSH'S SHOP. I absolutely love lush. I know a lot of people find the smell of the shop overwhelming, but the people are so friendly every time I go into lush.

The butter ball is very similar to the king of skin. It's a bath bomb which leaves residue floating in your bath (It sounds weirder than it is) which you can grab and rub into your skin. It's very moisturising and great for dry skin, it also has a lovely vanillary/creamy smell to it. 
Buy now:

 King of Skin:
Many of you beauty bloggers/readers will be fully aware of this product thanks to the wonderful Tanya Burr. I love the residue that this product leaves on my skin. It makes it SO soft and it's just in general a lovely touch. If you couldn't tell from the other products I have purchased I have really dry skin so products like this really save my arse as they nourish my skin. 
Buy now:

Yuzu & Cocoa:
I have mentioned this product before and I have to say it is my favourite product by lush ever! It smells like a pina colada in bubble bar form. It is simply amazing and lasts so long = great value for money.
Buy now:

Dream Time:
I have actually never used this product (but my mum has) and It's supposed to promote a good nights sleep, not that I need help with that, and it smells wonderful. It's a bath melt! 
Buy now:

 Charity Pot Moisturiser:
I only bought a £1tester of this moisturiser and it makes my skin sooooo soft it's shocking. And it's for a great cause, I would definitely recommend at least trying a tester of this moisturiser. 
Buy now:

Make up Favs

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Coverage:
Lasting cover with varying cover for different skin types, a foundation that claims to stay on for 25 hours is something I had to try. The coverage lasts me all day, and I like the thicker cover as I have super pink cheeks naturally. 
Buy now: 

Baby Lips Hydrations:
I have dry skin... I have dry lips. So a lip balm that 'hydrates' your lips is perfect for me. I take this with me in my pocket to whip out when I'm on the go. I also apply it before and sometimes after lipstick as I find lipstick can dry my lips out.
Buy now:

Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara with Argan Oil: 
I didn't like this mascara at first (I have to admit). I have tried so many drug store mascaras and never has a mascara made my eyelashes grow as long as they currently are. I would recommend this mascara to anyone who wants to give their eyelashes some TLC.
Buy now:


Thursday 11 September 2014

From day to night...


Top, Hair Bow & Shoes: Asos. Click 'link' All items are sale items. 
Hair bow: link
Top: link
Shoes: link

Dress(skirt): Newlook sale 
Watch: Michael Kors


Top & Dress as previously mentioned.

Shoes: Style Edit
I love these shoes I think they really make an outfit and are perfect for autumn.

Hat: Bank Fashion

I have recently got a new tri pod which has been a saviour! I also have a new camera arriving tomorrow which I am SO excited for!!!!!!! <<<<<<<

Hope you're all well & like my 'Day to Night' looks. 

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