Saturday 29 September 2018

Olay Whips Launch

Last week I was invited to an amazing pr event from Olay, for a launch of their Olay Whips collection! I have recently worked with them on instagram collaborations and thought you all may be interested in the event. Thirty seven feet above the ground, Olay wow'd with mystical smoke, cloud themed everything, panoramic views of the beautiful London skyline.

I though I would ask you all over on Instagram what you would all like to know about the new products/event, and here's what you said! <

Influencers walking around, celebrities such as Ashley Roberts and a casual DJ set from the Mac Twins. The venue was insane and the design was insane. If you have ever been to the sky garden you will be aware the views of London are cracking, with a direct view of the shard and st. pauls. Now imagine that, with an aerial artist, cloud themed food, free bar, ball pit, and every other possible photo opportunity for a blogger?! Olay definitely outdid themselves with this event, even a cheeky goody bag.

For about 2 years me and a girl called Izzy (A Dose Of Chatter) have been blogger besties, dishing each other out morale and generally following each other’s lives. Izzy recently moved to London, so i dropped her an invite to the event too! It was so lovely to finally meet her and I really feel like we are two peas in a pod.

New Olay Whips: Powerful Skincare. 

'Powerful results or a light as air finish? Why should women have to choose? Whilst many creams promise lightweight skin care, they can still leave skin feeling greasy, sticky or they don't deliver skin benefits beyond basic hydration. Enter NEW Olay Whips, created by Olay scientists to give  women the light as air finish they've been missing from their lightweight skin creams together with powerful results.'

How it works, results and benefits: 

The formulae uses active rush technology which holds and quickly releases (1000x) its weight in hydration, it has a matte effect which transforms from cream to liquid on contact, absorbing into the skin. As well as this, it is available with and without SPF30.

Regenerist - powerful results without heaviness. (This is the one I received, but I think that Total Effects would be more suitable to me.)
  • actively hydrates to improve elasticity and firm skin for a lifted look
  • helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • formulated with advanced amino-peptide complex II to regenerate surface cells powerful wrinkle results without heaviness 
total effects (protects skin without weight) 
  • 7 skin benefits in one 
  • helps skin to maintain its moisture 
  • even skin tone appearance 
  • enhances brightness 
  • visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles 
  • minimises the look of pores 
  • hydrates to make skin feel firmer 
  • visibly reduces discolouration and evens skin tone 
  • formulated with VitaNiacin and vitamins C & green tea extract to fight the early signs of ageing 
Luminous (lasting radiance without shine) 
  • actively moisturises to even skin tone and minimise the appearance of pores 
  • formulated with PearlOptics science for lasting radiance 

very difficult to pose classy on this 

Casual Shard in the back ground 
Cloud themed food

Lots of love, 


Tuesday 11 September 2018

Why is everyone going crazy over Mrs Hinch? (Cleaning Expert/Internet Sensation)

If you have heard of Mrs Hinch, you have probably already been sent into a cleaning frenzy, running to your nearest savers/b&m bargains for your buddy and pine smelling goodness! If you have not, you are living under a rock, but also you are missing out on your mindset on cleaning completely changing.

 I will admit I have definitely caught the Hinch Army cleaning bug. A beautiful grey instagram home ware layout, Mrs Hinch is a lifestyle blogger talking about all things home ware and cleaning. Zoflora Fresh Linen is my new muse, I am obsessed with the scent and it is genuinely such a versatile product which can be used all around the home! For surfaces, mop and bucket, trigger spray bottle, neat down the loo, laundry, Ironing water, bins, radiators, cars, the sink and so so so much more!

Mrs Hinch's bubbly personality has helped her instagram rise to fame and will also play a huge part in her future success. Give her instagram video story highlights a watch and you will be laughing your head off (and crazily intrigued with what she is doing!). Mrs Hinch is making cleaning fun, by introducing names to her staple products like dave and 'minkeh', making the consumers buy into not only their effectiveness, but their ability to utilise the products and make cleaning a fun task for them. 

The organic nature of Mrs Hinch's growth, from a few thousand to 200K!!!! (Congratulations Mrs Hinch), has built consumer trust with her followers, it is rare that a consumer can look at an influencer and see complete transparency in the products she is recommending. It will be interesting to see how she uses this platform the Internet has gave her, to build her #HinchArmy to work with brands and make this into a fully functioning business. 

A follower's #HinchHaul, shopping they have made just because of Mrs Hinch's input! 

Why should home ware/lifestyle businesses be interested in Mrs Hinch? 

It is no surprise that companies are integrating influencer marketing into their marketing campaigns. With an organic following and a clear brand Mrs Hinch is the perfect target for these companies!  Using the Hinch brand would be an incredible marketing technique for the right company, If you are reading this and think that might be you, definitely check her out on Instagram. 


If you haven't heard of her before, head over to her instagram ^ and have a look through her stories.

Staple brands to explore: 


I for one am excited to see what is next for Mrs Hinch and I am TOTALLY here for a cleaning revolution! 

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