Sunday 25 January 2015

Grunge It Up

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So I have quite a 'classic' style where I don't like to wear anything to... wacky. But I get days when I'm just feeling really 'cba with anything' and I go for a grungy casual look.

Gorgeous Rose Gold Bar from: Body Jewellery Shop 

I bought this beautiful £3 necklace as a token gesture to my puppy that I dearly miss 'daisy'. I think It's a beautiful way to add a girlyness to a tomboy outfit. 

This photo just doesn't do these beauties justice. These gorgeous knee high boots give you the option of a snakeskinesque fold over and they also come in a GORGEOUS browney burgundy colour. I don't know how many times I go on about Style Edit.. Must be getting a little silly now! But It's worth the fuss I promise. 

See my other posts featuring STYLE EDIT 

THE BAG  Oh isn't this bag beautiful? I can't begin to say how good a quality Nica bags are. They are so had wearing and I get so many compliments from them and although they are everyday bags, they just give that something extra. These bags are designer quality bags for a fraction of the price. 

Clothes Details: 
Jacket: Vintage 
Shirt: Newlook 
Skirt: Newlook
Boots: Style Edit
Bag: Nica

I know you're tempted... ;) 

Jewellery Details:
Earrings: Dark Green - H&M  & Earrings - Cocos Liberty
Necklace: River Island

Eyeliner: Zoeva
Lips: Clinique Chubby Stick 

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Lots of love, 


Tuesday 20 January 2015

Lets talk LIPS

Recently I've become exceedingly more interested in make-up then I have been previously. I'm continuously wanting to try this, that and the next product which is being raved about. It suddenly started to dawn on me that my collection has probably doubled (maybe tripled) in size in just over a month. Ridiculous I know. My lip collection specifically has grown immensely and I wanted to tell you why & what products I keep grabbing for. 

 from left to right: Lancome, Rimmel London 'Asia', Clinique Chubby Stick, Tanya Burr Lipgloss Afternoon Tea, Mac 'Media', Mac 'Twig'

1. MAC 'Media' 'Twig'

I am definitely a designer brand newbie. I never used to want to splash out a lot of money on a make-up product. HOWEVER mac changed my mind. 
I bought my first Mac lipstick on the way to Barcelona (Duty free £12 ish) at the beginning of December 'Twig Lipstick' I instantly fell in love with the colour and it is still my muse. It pains me that this lipstick has nearly ran out. Twig applies like velvet and doesn't dry out my lips, which especially in winter is a make or break for me. I think one of my favourite things about the lipstick is although I would class it as an everyday lipstick, the purply tones give you the ability to wear it day to night. 
There's also another lipstick from Mac I have been adoring and every time I wear it, without fail I receive a compliment. It's Mac Media and it's a deep berry colour - very in right now. I find that this lipstick is great for if I'm in the 'I really don't give a' mood or if I am feeling daring. It looks amazing with cream and grey tonnes and It is in general one of my style must haves for autumn and winter. You NEED a berry lipstick in your collection, no excuses. 

2. Clinique Chubby Stick 'Chunkiest Chilli'

I have had lip crayons before and I have liked them, but I haven't been overly impressed. Out of all of them my favourite is by FAR my clinique chubby stick. The first time I tried the chubby stick was a tester from cosmipolitan magazine. It was in the colour 'strawberry' and I wore it every single day. I don't know why this didn't make me buy one, but it didn't... nevertheless on the way back from NYC my lovely mum bought me one in duty free (I reckon it was so she felt less guilty about what she bought... haha). I have it in the colour 'chunkiest chilli' and it is just such a wearable shade. My boyfriend even made a comment stating that he really liked it. It's a great thing to grab if you just want something that is easily applicable, fades well and won't smear all over your face if you eat. (Girl problems). 

3. Lipgloss? Tanya Burr 'Afternoon Tea'

Now I have never been a lipgloss girl - really I haven't. And I guess I wanted to change that. Recently I bought a Tanya Burr Lipgloss, I know BBlogger predictable, but honestly I was seriously impressed. It applies and stays really well and It smells incredible. It's really nice not to have to worry about the shape you're applying your lips, lining your lips or making them look perfect in general and In that respect Lipgloss really needs to creep into my collection a bit more as I am so bloody busy at the minute. 

4. My collection classic: Rimmel London 'Asia'

I have repurchased this lipstick for a staggering 2 1/2 years... jeez. It is such an everyday wearable purple colour and It's just such good quality. The scent of the lipstick is also really lovely and It's just my comfort lipstick for If I'm having a make-up mare day. 

5. Lancome 'not quite sure oops'

I don't actually know the name of this specific lipstick as I peeled the bottom off it... bad Hannah. I received it in a gift set from my brother for Christmas and It's such a festive shade. The lipstick has a glittery finish running throughout, perfect for the party season and has a really good texture when applying. I wore this lipstick on Christmas day, If you've been watching my Vlogmas videos and are curious. (I also wore Mac Media on Christmas Eve)

SO that is it... for now. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for not being very active. My internet has been absolutely appalling and I've felt like my time has disappeared. BUT that's going to change! 

Lots of love


Friday 9 January 2015

A night out with Lulus

Hi Everyone! So here is an POOTD for you all I hope you like it! I received this beautiful dress from Lulus London and by gosh they really don't disappoint. You may remember Lulus from my previous post with them, see here. You really can't go wrong with a LBD and their new collection doesn't disappoint. This dress is a body con dress, so although I'm a size 10 I did size down to an 8 to ensure it fit me how I desired. I would recommend you do this with body con as I always do! Quick side note - I am aware of how utterly awful my hair looks, I'm having a hair mare lately. It hates me. The necklace I'm wearing was a christmas present from Emma, so if you're reading this... THANK-YOU EMMA! My heels are my muse, I got them in the new look sale for £12. Yep. £12. They're such statement heels and they aren't uncomfortable to wear (surprisingly). 

I'm really not loving how pale I've been lately, think I may have to attack the fake tan bottle. 

If you're reading this I would really love if you could suggest to me where the best sales are online, as I've been struggling a bit! Please leave a comment if there is anywhere that has caught your wallet and kept it! Haha. Thanks for reading, it really means so much to me. 

Dress of dreams: Lulus London 
Heels of sass: Newlook
Necklace of appreciation: Miss Selfridge

I've reached over 1500 on blog lovin'?! crazy. Thanks everyone especially if you follow me on blog lovin', I love following other blogger's ventures so It's so nice to have such lovely readers! 



Thursday 1 January 2015

Dear Reader, So 2014...

So the year is coming to an end and It's fair to say It's been a pretty amazingly hectic one for me. In a good way. Last year imparticularly was very challenging for me and I found myself unhappy too often. This year has mainly been full with possitivity and amazing experiences, the start to a better rest of my life. I feel like in many ways this year has shown me my inspiration to work hard for a better future. Now this isn't only relevant to education, It also applies to my blog and my YouTube. I never thought that as a person, I would enjoy sitting down and writing for others to read. I've always loved photography and having a blog for me is a perfect way of sharing the things I love with others.

This year has been an exceptional year for me and my best friends. The endless 18th's and celebrations have brought us all together closer and I genuinely love and miss them incredible amounts. My best best friends I have known for 6-15 years and it shows. Sadly losing a bunch of them to university did break my heart a little, but knowing that they are all highly achieving their goals in life makes me so happy and I couldn't be more proud.

If you are reading this girls, I love and miss you all and you are truly the best friends I could ever have.

I try to keep my personal life on the down low to a certain extent. I have been with my boyfriend a looong time and this year has been a great one for us. It makes me so happy that I was able to share with you our Barcelona trip as well as one of my first ever posts 'When In Cambridge...' I hope to share more lovely trips and experiences with you this following year.

Last year was a challenging year for my family. I won't go into immense detail into why this is or how heartbroken we all were/are. Sometimes in life bad things happen to good people and the best way to deal with them is to come back fighting and make sure you take advantage of having people you love around you. This year was an amazing year for my family, not only did we go on two holidays as a family - Mallorca and New York, my parents also ventured to California and I visited Zante with friends and Barcelona with my boyfriend. I think amazing adventures like these were extremely deserved after having a shitty year and it in many years has boosted our morale. I know next year will not disappoint with it being my parents 25th wedding anniversary as well as Aidan's 22nd birthday my 19th and hopefully both me and Aidan venturing off to university. As well as all of this wonderfulness both my parents are in new jobs and I couldn't be more proud of their achievements.

So education to a certain extent I do find difficult talking about. This year I finished my A Levels and started a BTEC 90 Credit Diploma. I didn't particularly enjoy 'A Level life' and I could blame this on multiple reasons, but regardless I still powered on through and because of A Level's I experienced things I may never have experienced. I was part of a musical this year called 'Spring Awakening' which in itself was challenging and incredible. Standing up and acting and singing in front of hundreds of people was incredible, and It's no secret how much I adore singing. I've always wanted to go to university but until recently my course was a mystery to me. I am SO lucky that I was able to jump onto my college course in september and I have been working my ARSE off to get great grades.  I decided about late august what course I wanted to study at university. So there was no hope in hell that I would have been able to start in september; no point rushing. Since then I have applied and received 4/5 offers so far - CRAZY! Still waiting on the last university, but I am without a doubt NOT complaining.


It's ridiculous in my eyes how fast my small personal blog has grown. I started my blog late June and I've worked hard to make it progress. I've got the opportunity to meet so many lovely bloggers as well as connect with so many amazing companies - big companies too. I never thought that when I started my blog I would be getting contacted from companies such as Triangl, AX Paris and My Bandage Dress. It's amazing to have support of companies with such high profiles, not to mention smaller companies who have chosen me to help represent them. One of my favourite of the year has to be Style Edit, they never fail to surprise me with their shoes and they are one of my favourite companies I have worked with. To me I'm little ole' Han so to be thrown into PR environments and attending blogger events that serious bloggers attend, I'm talking Inthefrow and Sarah Ashcroft (like what why am I there?) Is such a privilege and I feel like the luckiest blogger ever.

My Bandage Dress Event

Me and Victoria from at the Ax Paris Press Event
Jumpsuit from

One of my favourite blogging shots from the year, dress from,  hat

I have to make a point of saying how lovely the blogging community have been to me, among meeting friends such as Lauren, Meena, Monica, Georgina, Holly and others I'm also left lovely comments on a regular basis from people who I admire and love their blogs. My blog lovin' has grown to 1534 which in itself for 6 months work is RIDICULOUS! Instagram: 5.8K (WHAT?) Twitter: 3636 (COME AGAIN??) The support system online makes me so happy. It's not even about numbers with me, It's just that all of my followers are so great at communicating, whether that be instagram, tweeting, commenting on my blog posts/videos. It's one of those things that I never thought I would be able to achieve to a high standard, let alone continue to produce.

I took a big step this year by starting up a YouTube channel - ballsy I know. Though it's nerve racking to upload videos with under a 100 subscribers I have managed to grow to 311 in 2 months, which I personally think is incredible! If my youtube keeps growing at the rate it is I will be at over 2000 by the end of next year, CRAZY TO THINK! I feel lucky to have such supportive people reading my blog and YouTube and thank-you so much.

This year has been... mental. Truly mental. And I am so glad that I got some balls and created my own space on the internet. Thank-you for all the support you've given me in the last 6 months, you are incredible and I am so lucky.

All my love and best wishes,

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