Monday 27 October 2014

Every girl should own a Triangl Bikini

The most flattering bikini I have ever owned. 

Now I am in no way a model, or have even been blessed with the 'perfect figure' like many girls I know. I find it quite frustrating how all of the models in pictures follow a certain prototype of how a woman 'should' look. Now this look is flat stomach, thin legs, you get the picture. Getting into a bikini is most girls most hated moment and although the summer is over we're still faced with this!

Now the Triangl team are wonderful. If you go on their website to sizing
It states the different types of bikini, the fit and what figure they're most suited to. Triangl were kind enough to send me the Milly bikini in Arizona Sunset in the summer which is great support for the bustier girl. This penny wanderlust bikini has been on my mind for a while. Every time I see it on the Triangl's instagram I fall more in love. I personally think this style of bikini is more flattering on me than the Milly. (But I love them both all the same).

I know, I know you're thinking my bank waahh. But they're worth it. The neoprene material is a lot thicker than your average bikini material! It's wetsuitesque (lol), which is very handy as you know you're bikini won't go see-through. I also like the fact that the Penny Wanderlust bikini comes with a bag for transport, very handy especially if you want it to take your bikini off after you used it.

Now I'm going to Barcelona in december with my boyfriend and there is a beautiful pool and spa in the hotel we are staying in. Woop. So I plan to wear this little beauty then.

I would definitely recommend having a look on the Triangl website even just for a daydream. Their bikinis really are to die for and are worth every penny...wanderlust ;-). (See what I did there). 


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Friday 24 October 2014

Ode to my parents Outfit

Post featuring tartan dress, ode to my mum. As well as the double bass ode to my dad. 
As the winter months loom, warmer more practical clothes are definitely a necessity. This super cute hat and mitten set is to die for, I think they'll be perfect for when I'm in New York so for that I'm excited! The boots are flawless as always. I love Style Edit and the team so much, I've never received anything from the company that I haven't been really impressed with. If you read my blog often then you will know about Style Edit from a previous post with some little red boots which are my current muse. Don't get me started on how many dresses I own... I know, I know it's bad. But the thing is I find dresses so practical to wear and comfortable. They're really easy to style and I just like them... Ok. 

Dress: Miss Rebel
Boots: Style Edit 
Hat + Mittens: South Beach 
Bracelet: Skylar
Watch: Klaus Kobec


This post didn't really do these full set justice. I would definitely recommend these extensions. They were packaged so lovely! A big thanks to the Dirty Looks team.
I'll let you know about what I think about these extensions in more detail in another blog post. I'm also considering doing a post on long/short hair styles? Yet I think that may be quite hard to portray through photos. So we'll see what happens! 

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Wednesday 22 October 2014

Collars & Autumn Boots

A very autumnal post, once again. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. There's nothing like the colours you see in autumn and wrapping up but not being freezing cold. I love these burgundy/reddy coloured boots. I can also clarify as I wore them all day today that they are majorly comfortable! This dress Is definitely not a summer dress, it's made of thicker material. It is really comfortable, I don't feel like it's too tight around my midriff and find the collar super cute! Item details are at the bottom of the post.
Here are things I adore about autumn:
- Halloween
- Crunchy leaves
- Toffee apples
- Bonfire night
- The first fire
- Boots, Scarf and Hats
- Pumpkins
- Onsies

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P.s Throwing leaves didn't go very well...

Dress: 5Fashion £14.99

For affordable & on trend styles.

Boots: Style Edit £34.99

Shoes you can't say no to. Stunning boots at a click of a finger.

Cardigan: Hand Knit

Bracelet: Skylar £25

Watch: Michael Kors 

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Wednesday 15 October 2014

The Lady in Red

I fell in love with this jumpsuit at the Ax Paris Blogger Event. I was kindly sent it and I absolutely adore how it feels and looks on. Definitely a statement piece for the winter and the build up to christmas. 

Be sure to check out Ax Paris, they know have a sale up to 75% Off! 




Sunday 12 October 2014

My Bandage Dress Blogger Event

Hello everyone! 

So on Saturday the 11th of October I attended the mybandagedress event with fellow bloggers to have an exclusive look at their new collection. Caroline the owner explained to us about the division of the brand. Their new collection has been separated into two. One 'the.label' which will contain rarer/one of a kind items in my eyes a more high end fashion collection. And 'MBD' which will be everyday items of wear. I've probably described that shockingly, however the main thing is that the company is splitting in two.

Quick message to bloggers who have attended the event etc, I have the creative rights to the photos shown and if you want to use some of the 257 photos  I took at the press day please contact me.

I would also like to add we were also lucky enough to be joined by Luxy Accessories as well yesterday! Was a pleasure to meet you.

The Spread

The MBD team set out a beautiful spread of cakes, mugs (including lots of naughty treats) and goody bags. The balloons were such a cute and thoughtful touch to the event although I was at perfect eye level for being hit in the face (oops). Thanks so much for gifts mybandagedress, very thoughtful. My coat from this event was bought from TK Max and Is a beautiful Antoni & Alison Coat! P.s  how cute is the FLUFF.

Me & Kay from

The Runway. 

I love these statement looks. The bandage classic material and style is stunning and so flattering on the girls. I also love the faux fur grey collar.

THE FLUFF! Can hardly contain my excitement for this super cute grey/purple gilet.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos from this event, I was honoured to be invited by the team and really loved the experience! If you enjoyed this post be sure to follow me on my social media platforms! 

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