Wednesday 1 October 2014

A lifestyle recommendation with Degustabox

So this was a happy surprise from Degustabox. I've tried things like Graze before and frankly I was really disappointed. I know you pay like £4 but for that much I expect quality and quantity. Degustabox  cost £12.99 and you can see how much you get. However I have a discount code '4784622' which will get you £3 discount (You get it for £9.99pb). The basket value without a doubt exceeds the price you would pay anywhere else and they are quality items! I think these boxes are great for if you love surprises, fancy changing up your weekly shop or want to surprise someone with some goodies (present to a uni student)! 

What I thought of this months box!

Items included:
Little Miracles x2
Seville Orange Marmalade LA VIEJA FABRICA
Naturally Righteous Dressings x3
Elizabeth Shaw Dark Chocolate MINT THINS
Pick Up! (Pack of 5) x2
Burts Lentil Waves x3
Jordans Simply Granola Crunchy Baked Oats
Crabbies Alcoholic/Non-alcoholic
Cornation Cook With It

I found with this months box there were plenty of items I would repurchase. In particular Little Miracles, Pick Up!, Burts & Jordans Granola.
I'll start with the Little miracles. Such a perfect wake me up drink that you can tell is doing your body a whole lot of good. I love these drinks and I would recommend them to anyone who's trying to be a bit healthier or just fancies a new drink!

The other item I was pleasantly surprised with was the Burts Lentil Waves. Lentil Waves?! I get it. But they taste sooooooo good. No different then a pack of crisps and healthier.

The last thing out of the bunch I know I will definitely repurchase are the Pick Up! White chocolate ones. They are possibly the best biscuits I have ever had and I have such a sweet tooth so you know that's not a statement I would just fling around.

Obviously items are subject to taste of the customers and there are certainly Items my parents and brother have really enjoyed but haven't been my thing. You don't know until you try them and I believe that this box is a great platform for products as well as being good value, fun and tasty for the customers!

I would really recommend trying one of Degustabox's products even If you try a box and decide it's not for you! The £3 off code is: 4784622

I know this post Is a little bit different from what I normally post on my blog... However I want to reitterate that my blog is for me to write about anything I want whether it be fashion, beauty, lifestyle or everyday things. I hope you like this post and It's given you some Ideas and If it has please feel free to comment and follow me on my social media accounts.  



  1. This looks really cool, I love being introduced to new snacks that are actually good for me! <3

    1. I love it! When the box arrives it's so exciting as it's so large! would definitely recommend :) <3


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