Sunday 12 October 2014

My Bandage Dress Blogger Event

Hello everyone! 

So on Saturday the 11th of October I attended the mybandagedress event with fellow bloggers to have an exclusive look at their new collection. Caroline the owner explained to us about the division of the brand. Their new collection has been separated into two. One 'the.label' which will contain rarer/one of a kind items in my eyes a more high end fashion collection. And 'MBD' which will be everyday items of wear. I've probably described that shockingly, however the main thing is that the company is splitting in two.

Quick message to bloggers who have attended the event etc, I have the creative rights to the photos shown and if you want to use some of the 257 photos  I took at the press day please contact me.

I would also like to add we were also lucky enough to be joined by Luxy Accessories as well yesterday! Was a pleasure to meet you.

The Spread

The MBD team set out a beautiful spread of cakes, mugs (including lots of naughty treats) and goody bags. The balloons were such a cute and thoughtful touch to the event although I was at perfect eye level for being hit in the face (oops). Thanks so much for gifts mybandagedress, very thoughtful. My coat from this event was bought from TK Max and Is a beautiful Antoni & Alison Coat! P.s  how cute is the FLUFF.

Me & Kay from

The Runway. 

I love these statement looks. The bandage classic material and style is stunning and so flattering on the girls. I also love the faux fur grey collar.

THE FLUFF! Can hardly contain my excitement for this super cute grey/purple gilet.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos from this event, I was honoured to be invited by the team and really loved the experience! If you enjoyed this post be sure to follow me on my social media platforms! 



  1. Great looks, especially love the white pieces. Looks like loads of fun x

    1. The white pieces are gorgeous totally agree! It really was :)

  2. this looks like such a good event and the clothes are gorge! x

    i've got a giveaway over on my blog if you want to check it out :)

  3. So lucky that you go to go to such a great event! xo

  4. Ooh this event looks like it was a really great day out, wish I could go to things like that! Thank you for following me on bloglovin' :) I'm holding a giveaway over on my blog at:

    where you can win some lovely little girly goodies if you're interested :) x

    1. Thanks! It was a fab day :) be sure to like it on blog lovin! I'll check out your give away now! X

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