Friday 27 February 2015

Another 8. Another love.

So recently I've been on the hunt for high necked jumpers that don't look silly on me. I love the trend but I have to say a fair few of them are crazy OTT. When I received this baggy long high neck jumper from Another 8 I fell madly in love with it. Now although it is 100% Acrylic which may put people off, It feels like such great quality. It's thick 'cable knit style' and just makes you feel GOOD! 

But It isn't just me and other bloggers that have discovered this brand, celebrity style icons such as Cara Delavigne, Ellie Goulding and Lottie Moss have worn Items from the brand and are fans of the company. You can Buy from Another 8 in Brighton Topshop, Oxford Circus and of course on their website. 

I did plan for this post to be shot outside, but English weather - as you can see - was not on my side. As per usual. I can't wait until spring/summer roll around so I can bring you some interesting back drops and actually have sunlight on my side!!!!!!
I hope you like how I styled this beautiful jumper - specifically with my amazing Style Edit Booties! Reminder that you can get 15% off with 'HAN15' If you're in need of some new shoes!

I have to say the necklace which was a gift from my auntie, uncle and cousins makes this outfit. The way it hangs is so flattering for the jumper and I think it goes really well! Just another example how the little things in life can make something complete. 

This post is associated with Etail PR. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Lots of love, 

P.s the flowers are from Ash :) 


Sunday 15 February 2015

The little things in life ♡

I would love to do more posts like this because I'm constantly finding small things which I adore and want to share with you all. I find that most of the time it's the little things in life which can change my mood. For example I had a feeling that the day I shot this blog post was going to be a bad day, do you know what I did? I painted my nails yellow. Yup. Quite a coincidence that they match the daffodils really! 

So I'm assuming you were drawn to this post by the 'wings of your eye-liner' make up bag! I was in Camden this weekend as I was visiting Middlesex Uni which is a few stops away, I really love Camden and as we were browsing through Camden market & loche I found this store. They have make-up bags, pencil cases, larger carrier bags and they are so freaking cute! They all have amazing quotes of them and make the perfect gift. They also have a website which you can stroll through If you would like to get one! Lola and Gilbert London 

Beautiful box-like earrings. So lately through Etail Pr I was contacted by the lovely Hazel and Kent. The earrings I received are box like in shape and shine lots of beautiful colours in the light. It was really hard to capture how beautiful these earrings really are and they are on sale for £4.98 Ridiculous right?!  If you would like to have a stroll through Hazel and Kent's delicate and beautiful jewellery click here. 

if you watch my YouTube channel you will be aware that I bought a Ciaté advent calender on the airplane -  biggest regret EVER. So the beautiful nail varnish you see is from the calender but it is now on special offer reduced from £49 to £14.60 (fml) If you would like to buy the calender (and I strongly recommend that you do) you can click here. 

If you follow blogs and Youtube channels you're probably well aware of Lush's valentines range ~ahh angel sigh~. Every year Lush do seasonal bath bombs and this year I tried the 'floating flower'. It has aromas of Jasmine and makes your bath bright pink; very relaxing.
I also whilst I was in Lush purchased the 'charity pot moisturiser'. I love having one of these in my bag, they're handy as hell and the moisturiser is so moisturising! 

The companies featured: 

                                                                Ciaté Advent Calender

Lots of love, 


Wednesday 11 February 2015

Do something GOOD this valentines.

A lot of you will know from previous posts that I work with Style Edit on a regular occasion. I adore their shoes and boots and think they're wonderful quality. If you would like 15% off the Style Edit website you can use HAN15 

So what is it that you can do good this Valentines that will make you feel good? Glad you asked! 

For every pair of 'Sarah' Flats that Style Edit sell £3 Is donated to the British Heart Foundation. With 15% off with HAN15, why not do something good for other people this valentines? It'll make you feel good and you get a lovely sturdy pair of flats for very little expense to your bank! I hope you can bring yourself to purchase a pair of 'Sarah' Flats off Style Edit

Lots of love and thanks for reading as alway,


Tuesday 3 February 2015

That little black dress...


So for many of you, all of these photographs being different sizes will frustrate the crap out of you, so for that I'm sorry. However I couldn't bare to keep the glare from my soft box light in the pictures. You get this difficulty when you decide to do solo pictures in winter... yeah. At least I have a tripod and a light though! 

In february I'm going up to newcastle with one of my best friends in the world Abby. We're going to visit for another BF's birthday Julia. As well as this Luisa ANOTHER BF is also there! Bare in mind that I have known Abby and Julia since I was 3 and Luisa since I was 5 and I'm turning 19 this year... crazy. Anyway, the point of that story was that I bought this beautiful black midi dress for one of the nights out when I visit - I'm probably going to freeze my tits off. The heels were a beautiful coincidence as I received them through etail PR from Online Avenue. There shoe collection is quite something and these stunners by 'Dolcis' are no exception. I have to say I wore these high heels on a night out and they were incredibly comfortable. They're also in the sale, KERCHING. So you'll save a TONNE of money. 
- for the record I am aware that this dress is slightly 'booby'-

Honestly though, I guess the reason why I'm posting this outfit Is that for once I feel NICE in a tight dress. Body con has never really been my thing, but this dress strangely gave me confidence. 

'self-confidence is the best outfit' 'confidence is the best accessory'. 

So true. Doesn't matter what you wear, if YOU feel happy in it, It shines through. 

The gorgeous creation of LBD: Miss Selfridge 
The Sparkly sensation high heels: 'Dolcis' Online Avenue THEY'RE IN THE SALE TOO!
The & Sign Necklace & Earring: Cocos Liberty - Cocos Revenge 
Lipstick for those beauty lovers that ask: Mac Twig 

I would really love to post a few more beauty tutorials on my YouTube channel soon as I've been really loving posting videos at the minute! If you aren't already subscribed I would really appreciate a few clicks of the button as i recently reached 400 subs! Which is mental for the short time in which I have been running my channel. To see my most recent video click here. (It's a fashion haul) 

Thanks as always for being lovely interactive readers that post lovely comments, you all make me smile so much and genuinely make my day! 

Lots of Love, 

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