Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas Day | NYC

As a lot of you will know I spent this christmas in New York City with my family. It was, of course, a completely individual and an incredible experience. I vlogged/filmed during the holiday so you will be able to see that footage in due time, but for now I thought I would share with you some photos from Christmas day in New York.

On christmas day we went to the top of the empire state building, we also went to grand central station. Following this we got all dressed up for a fancy meal and then chilled for the remainder of the evening... Unfortunately my body decided it hated me and I threw up my amazing meal (I am literally such a mess). Regardless It was still an unforgettable day.

Me up the empire state building on CHRISTMAS DAY! :)

Me and my dad in Grand Central Station on CHRISTMAS DAY!

So there are two types of girls on Christmas day.

1. Who either doesn't really care what they wear. This could escalate as far as staying in your pj's all day, to wearing the most ridiculous christmassy outfit you can find or to just not bothering.
2. The girl that loves to get a 'Christmas Outfit' this normally contains sequins/velvet.

I'm the christmas outfit kind of girl.

This Christmas my chosen dress was from Hybrid Fashion. And by god was it a beauty in the form of velvet and lace.

This dress is of impecable quality. It made me feel like a princess and It is just such a beautiful and well fitted dress. I would recommend If you are wearing the stretchy/velvet styles to get your normal size and for the more fitted/tailored styles without stretch size up! They also have a crazy Sale on at the minute, you should go check them out at Hybrid.

Part 1/5 Is now up on my YouTube HansWorld, which is from the vlogging I did in New York. I would really appreciate it if you, lovely blog reader, could take a second to go subscribe to my new YouTube.

Lots of love everyone, I hope you had an INCREDIBLE Christmas.


Sunday, 21 December 2014

My Favourite Make-up Look

List of products used

Mac Twig Lipstick
Bourjous Healthy Mix Gel Foundation
Collection Concealer
Nanshy Brushes
Many Faces Blusher Brush
(unsure of name of set of some of the brushes used)
Barry M Show Girl Mascara 
Zoeva Eyeliner
Revolution Eyeshadow Iconic 2
Revolution Blush in Spice
Revolution Contour Kit
Sleek Eyebrow in light
Rimmel Transparent Powder

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas, I'm unsure whether I'll be able to write a post to you before then as I'm currently sitting in a Holiday Inn at Heathrow... NYC IS COMING! It really would mean so much to me if you could take a second to subscribe to my YouTube account HansWorld I will be posting footage on there of my Christmas in NYC. Though blog posts are OF COURSE coming! 

Lots of love 


Friday, 19 December 2014

Festive Food Box #YUM

So I've mentioned Degustabox before, but I can't really help myself to mention them again. Are you struggling for Christmas gifts? I know I am. I love getting surprise boxes, because of this a Degustabox would be such a great gift. 

Do you want £3 off a great last minute Christmas present? Of course you do. 


What I think of this months CHRISTMAS box! 

I could eat these forever and a day. They taste so freakin' good and they're so much better for you then other crisps. 'half the fat and calories of fried crips' CRAZY right?! They pack a punch with flavour too. I've tried these before from the AX Paris gift bag from their press event! :) 

I prefer the plain chocolate one to the caramel one. These are perfect tea biscuits, I also love to nibble off the chocolate, then dunk the biscuits.. mwahaha. 

This is a great alternative to shloer. With 24kcl you can't really go wrong. It's a sweet tasting wine, that's refreshing and lovely.

I haven't used this yet, but I think it's a really cool idea. My family love using garlic throughout our cooking and any way to inject flavour into cooking is worth a try! 

I am not a massive marmalade fan, If I'm honest. My mum likes marmalade and It's a nice thing to have when guests come to stay. It looks like a classic marmalade and I'm sure it will be enjoyed. 

I'm sitting with a cup of this green tea as I type this. It has an individual taste that green tea doesn't normally have; a slight spice. I love green tea and It's so good for your immune system so In that respect you're in a win-win situation. 

I have used 'Kents Kitchen' before, I always find they are full of innovative cooking ideas. I'm very excited to try these new editions! 

Chia Everyday
Undesirable... If I'm honest. The oats, although they packed a lot of flavour, resembles baby food in a way that normal porridge doesn't. I wouldn't recommend these OATS. 
The chia seeds I haven't tried yet... and I'm not sure if they're for me. 

Oh these are so YUMMY. These drinks can be drunk on their own, or with the alcoholic beverage recommended. My favourite one I tried was the cucumber and apple; so refreshing and lovely.


I'm now off to pack for NYC, I leave on Sunday! EXCITING! Can't wait to share with you all my journeys. 

have a selfie :)))))))))

Thanks for reading! Lots of love 


Monday, 15 December 2014

Let's Catch Up...

New video for you all, I like the fact I'm now able to share with you on a more personal level... even though it is scary as hell... Scroll down for more bloggy type posts :)

Lots of love!


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Practical blogging - IT'S COLD.

So It's getting to that time of year where it is absolutely FREEZING. (Bloody english weather). And although I know everyone loves bikini posts and summery outfits and winter sparkle, lately I have found myself resorting to COMFORT. If you read my blog often you will probably know that I'm spending christmas in NYC with my fam - lucky me hey- and I realised that I don't actually have a warm coat I can layer under - eek. So me and my mum set out on a mission for a coat which is practical warm and stylish. 

This coat is my current muse and I am wearing it allllllll the time. It's by Phase Eight and although it made my heart melt, the price tag was a shocker. For cheaper alternatives (that are still good quality) I would recommend ASOS. I did actually get an ASOS coat but I sent it back as it didn't compare to this coat. It also comes with a detachable hood which I have decided not to use as I'm not keen on it. 

I've been seriously struggling in the legging/jean department lately. So I decided to get these disco pants from MissGuided. BEST DECISION EVER. They are literally the comfiest leggings I have ever worn by far. 

And not to mention my comfort shoes. Ahh the baby blue puma, perfect for a busy day. They're actually now on offer reduced from £54.99 to £30 which I'm not to please about... sigh. But good for all you!

Shop my look:


Hope you all liked this post, I've got some crackers coming up over xmas! eek! 

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