Friday 19 December 2014

Festive Food Box #YUM

So I've mentioned Degustabox before, but I can't really help myself to mention them again. Are you struggling for Christmas gifts? I know I am. I love getting surprise boxes, because of this a Degustabox would be such a great gift. 

Do you want £3 off a great last minute Christmas present? Of course you do. 


What I think of this months CHRISTMAS box! 

I could eat these forever and a day. They taste so freakin' good and they're so much better for you then other crisps. 'half the fat and calories of fried crips' CRAZY right?! They pack a punch with flavour too. I've tried these before from the AX Paris gift bag from their press event! :) 

I prefer the plain chocolate one to the caramel one. These are perfect tea biscuits, I also love to nibble off the chocolate, then dunk the biscuits.. mwahaha. 

This is a great alternative to shloer. With 24kcl you can't really go wrong. It's a sweet tasting wine, that's refreshing and lovely.

I haven't used this yet, but I think it's a really cool idea. My family love using garlic throughout our cooking and any way to inject flavour into cooking is worth a try! 

I am not a massive marmalade fan, If I'm honest. My mum likes marmalade and It's a nice thing to have when guests come to stay. It looks like a classic marmalade and I'm sure it will be enjoyed. 

I'm sitting with a cup of this green tea as I type this. It has an individual taste that green tea doesn't normally have; a slight spice. I love green tea and It's so good for your immune system so In that respect you're in a win-win situation. 

I have used 'Kents Kitchen' before, I always find they are full of innovative cooking ideas. I'm very excited to try these new editions! 

Chia Everyday
Undesirable... If I'm honest. The oats, although they packed a lot of flavour, resembles baby food in a way that normal porridge doesn't. I wouldn't recommend these OATS. 
The chia seeds I haven't tried yet... and I'm not sure if they're for me. 

Oh these are so YUMMY. These drinks can be drunk on their own, or with the alcoholic beverage recommended. My favourite one I tried was the cucumber and apple; so refreshing and lovely.


I'm now off to pack for NYC, I leave on Sunday! EXCITING! Can't wait to share with you all my journeys. 

have a selfie :)))))))))

Thanks for reading! Lots of love 



  1. I'm so excited to start getting the degaustbox in Jan, your posts always make me look forward to them! Have a fantastic time in NYC!

  2. Bonne Maman is the best

    Giveaway on blog starting today!

  3. This looks amazing, I wish there was something similar in Canada (maybe there is and I'm just being lazy and not checking!). It looks like amazing value and the perfect gift - inexpensive too!

  4. Good stuff. xox


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