Monday 30 June 2014

Day one and a bit... MALLORCA

So I am in Mallorca for a week! Huzzah! It's all been a little bit hectic lately and it's been so nice to 
r e l a x. 

So first... Some OTTD shots. 

Day time look FT my amazing kimono. 

Sunglasses: Riverisland (bought on asos)
Shorts: Missguided £19.99 
Kimono & Top: Newlook K: £19.99 T: present 

I love this kimono because I can get the right balance of clothes on, also I get so self-conscious wearing shorts and this gives me the ability to wear them without worry. 

The Fault In Our Stars 

So this book has been popping up EVERYWHERE. Lots of younger girls have been reading this especially. But I don't feel like it is set to one audience. Throughout there are literacy references, the themes and story lines are dark. It is however as the reviews say clever witty and damn right genius. If you haven't read this book yet, get it. I read it In a day and a bit. 

A cheeky purchase. 

These earrings are fresh water pears. They cost €14.99 and they're stunning. I do find beauty in simplicity I never like anything that is too fussy. These images really do not show how beautiful these earrings are. 

From day to night... 

I know these photos aren't exactly 100% flattering but oh well. 
Kimono: Newlook £19.99
Shoes: Newlook £19.99 
Top: Newlook SALE 
I'm noticing a pattern emerging. 
Nail Varnish: Topshop 

Bikini reviews coming soon FT my triangl bikini and some other goodies. 

I'm now off to sunbathe, 

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