Thursday 27 August 2015

Current Obsessions

Long time no blog... Apologies!

It's been absolutely donkey's since I've sat down and wrote a post about my favourites, or the things I'm loving at the moment and I thought it was about time! I've been accumulating so many things, that I don't just like, I ADORE and I know that you will all find something you can lust over from this list!

Johanna Basford 'Secret Garden'

The first thing I'm going to mention is this colouring book from Johanna Basford 'Secret Garden'. I've had a lot of stress thrown on me what with moving and big decisions. An adult colouring book seems like a very necessary item to own! The interior of this book is just stunning and the act of colouring in intricate designs is so much more relaxing then I ever thought it would be. If you have a stressful/high voltage lifestyle, anxiety or a stress related disorder, this book would be a perfect way to unwind after a hard day.  Buy here

Statement Necklace Lisa Angel Uk 

The next thing I want to talk about is the beautiful statement necklace that you can see draped over the book. I've mentioned Lisa Angel Uk before in previous posts I'll link them here & here. They're an independent retailer in Norwich which such quaint and beautiful pieces. If you're ever looking for a present for someone special, be sure to check them out as they ship internationally and have such prettiness available on their website. Buy here

Stila Into The Garden

I picked up this gorgeous palette in TK Max. Why, WHY have I never owned a Stila shadow palette before?! The shadows are so pigmented and they just look stunning. My favourite shade 'honey' which is a shimmering gold shade - duh - but I also adore the cobalt blue shade 'freesia'. One of my friends Helena used it with water as an eyeliner and it looked beautiful (definitely going to copy her!) Click here to view the palette on Stila. 

The set also comes with a smudge eyeliner. I've used it once but I personally don't think smudged eyeliner suits me, but I'll experiment a little bit more... you never know I may fall in love with it! 

Ultimately CUTE Cacti Case by 'Sighh Designs' Premium Case iPhone 6

This is a recent favourite of mine, but I adore it so much I can't see it going anywhere for a LONG time. Polly, the owner and designer, draws all of the prints, scans them etc. I just think for someone so young to have such a cool quirky company is amazing. The cases are such great quality and the cases along with the other items are definitely something I could see on Asos. 100% pinterest/tumblr/Insagram worthy. If you're after a sturdy, individual and cute case go have a look at the Sighh Designs website.  P.s Premium is definitely worth the extra money, the colour and quality is incredible! 

Instax Mini 8 Pastel Yellow 

Instax kindly sent me this camera to try out and oh boy I love it. Fair enough, it's yellow of course I'm going to love it. But on a serious note this camera is so much fun to play around with friends, I love the fact that it creates instant memories and the print sizes are perfect for blue tacking to your wall (that's my plan) or making a cute collage in a scrap book. Again with this product, it does help that it is very instagramable. 

Lush Bathbomb 'Twilight'

This bath bomb is flat out my favourite bath bomb to ever exist. That's a pretty large statement; I know. The ingredients are: Tonka Absolute, Lavender Oil, Benzoin Resinoid & Ylang Ylang Oil. I think this is just one of these products that you can't really explain the scent. It's not overly floral and lavender scented, neither is it extremely musky/grassy scented. When I smell it it's like a 'mmmm... MM' sensation which instantly relaxes me. It genuinely smells good enough to eat and is without a doubt a must try!

Benefit Roller Lash

Ok. I'm not actually late to the party, I've been using this for absolutely ages and I am still completely obsessed with it. I've never really given in to mascara hype, and I'm one of those girls that always buys a different brand/type whenever I purchase one. But this mascara is hands down the best mascara I have ever used. It just makes my lashes look so much longer and curls them. I will hands down be repurchasing this mascara as soon as it runs out, because it's phenomenal. 

Pantene Pro V Dry Oil Repair & Protect 

This product was a game changer for me. I purchased this for the first time a few months ago to use in Corfu to keep my hair looking healthy. This is now my third bottle of the product (which has been half price in super drug, literally praying they don't discontinue it). It's a hair serum with nourishing oils that is designed to improve your hairs strength and also to make it healthier. It's one of those products I think you have to try to realise how good it really is, but If you're after purchasing some hair care... this is hands down one of the best products I have used in a long time! 

So this is the end of the blog post and I really hope you enjoyed it! I adore posts like this because I'm so passionate about everything in the post and I adore all of them. Hopefully I encouraged you to have a splurge (It's not hard to encourage that is it!!) And I hope you're all well. 
Lots of love, 



  1. Great post! Love the phone case :)

    Sammii Ox

  2. Ngl i have been waiting for this post all day and....this blog post is amazing!!! I definitely need everything in this post! :) PS I have been working on your montage all day every day and i have every individual video edited and now all i have to do is piece them together and it will be done!!! Cant wait for you to see it xxxx

    1. Also a great dupe for the Roller Lash mascara is Maybeline Lash Sensational. It is brilliant for lengthening and curling lashes and the wand is also the sam shape! I find it does exactly the same job (f not better!) as the Roller Lash and it is a fraction of the price :)

    2. I own the maybe line one, I like it but it makes my lashes look a bit thicker than the roller lash! thank you x

  3. The cactus phone case is so cute! I've also heard so much hype around Benefit's Roller Lash and I'm becoming even more tempted to try it out.

    this sojourner

    1. I adore the case too! I would definitely recommend it, I've tried dupes too & honestly roller lash is worth every penny! xx

  4. I rate all these items such great favourites! I need to get my hands on a colouring book, seem like the perfect calming solution! I have a hot chocolate Sighh Designs phone case and just love it! Great post Hannah!

    1. It's such a brilliant way to stay calm an relax :) 100% recommend! Oooo yay, I adore Sighh! So happy a fellow blogger also loves them xx

  5. Such awesome favourites! I really want to get the "Secret Garden" colouring book, but I'm still working through Millie Marotta's "Animal Kingdom". Your phone case is so adorable!!

    Hailey |

    1. Ooo I should try Millie's book too! Thank you for the recommendation :) & thank you I love it! x

  6. Thanks for sharing your favourites! I love the Secret Garden book. :D


  7. I really need to try some Stila products - had never occurred to me to keep an eye out in TK Maxx!

    Claire | | xx

    1. Yes definitely check out TK Maxx! Got some Two faced stuff from there too :) xx

  8. i adore the adult colouring books, they are so therapeutic!! my sister has the secret garden one and i have the forbidden forest :)
    great post as always lovely x


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