Wednesday 5 August 2015

Fashion Frolicking

'Fashion Frolicking'. Oh how I love to frolic in fields in inappropriate clothing. I was going to try and make a witty pun (can't help but think of flanamation every time I say pun) about lam and lambs, as this is a collaborative post with Lam Knit Wear - to be honest... not witty enough. 

If you are a regular blog reader, from the start that is, you will already be aware of Lam Knit Wear! I have already featured them on my blog... quality has got a little... lot better since then. Nonetheless, if you would like to see that post click here. 

Lam and Co by Lily Anne Markham is a fair-trade company which works with individuals in Zimbabwe to create beautiful artisan designs. I think this video that Lam & Co made really sums up how the company works and gives great details about how and why their company functions. 
Be sure to give this video a watch! :) 

As a blogger, I don't always get the opportunity to work with companies that have such great ethics. It's refreshing to see a company making crochet designs FAIR TRADE and from 100% cotton instead of synthetic material. 

Spot the belly button piercing haha! I love the flower detailing on this crop top. It's amazing to think that it was made by hand. Such detail and care must have gone into the piece which is a real selling point for Lam & Co. 

The back of this crop top is a definite seller. I love any item of clothing which has an interesting back.  The low back definitely helps this crop top to be on trend, it's stunning and gives a festival vibe. Another brilliant thing about this crop top is that it is so adaptable. Cotton lets your body breath, were as synthetic material can make you feel all clammy and rank. I know what I would rather be wearing at a festival/on holiday. 

I should probably talk about these shorts, as there is a story behind them. These shorts... believe it or not... used to be my dad's jeans. From his younger days dad wore these to perform on stage! Cut, rolled, studs added and finished off with a belt to keep them up... they have an amazing vintage feel to them. Levi Jean's are SO long wearing it's amazing. I love the fact that all the Levi Items I own (3 -  2 shorts and a jacket) are all vintage and unique. Also, I strongly recommend if you have a pair of jeans you're not happy with to give them a snip, add some studs and hey presto! You've got yourself a pair of kick-ass shorts. 

Wear can I buy, follow and in general lust over? GOT YOU COVERED! 

I thought now that as I have come to the end of the post, I shall add a small plug. I do the Instagram thing and I would like dearly if you could pop over and click follow. For posts such as this with my pre-blog post make-up, pictures of stuff I like, people I like & quotes that are ite. Haha... Seriously though come say hi! I don't bite. MY INSTAGRAM.

Thank you for reading lovely people. You are wonderful. If you would like some more content from me, I also have a YouTube channel which I am edging towards 1K on!!!!!!! Please take a minute to subscribe. 

Lots of love, 



  1. This crop top is so adorable, I really like the fact it's so original and one of a kind!
    Taylor Mayed

  2. Girrrrrrl this outfit and your figure.. absolutely stunning! Also the background is so pretty!
    Rachel Coco

  3. You showcase that Lam + Co. Pemba Sunflower Tie-back Top beautifully, and the Vintage Levi's cutoff shorts look fab on you as well. I also love your perfectly applied lipstick.

    my Blog | my YouTube | my Twitter

  4. What a gorgeous top, I absolutely love the back of it! You look amazing here. I'll check out your Instagram too!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  5. Absolutely love the crop top and love the norfolk fields!!! ♥


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