Saturday 23 December 2017

Missguided Babe Power, & Last Minute Gift Ideas

Big thank-you to MissGuided and Sparkle PR, for sending me some babe power goodies. I thought I would share this product with you as it is a perfect last minute gift (we all know that some secret santa gifts are after xmas!). 

Here's what missguided say about the scent: 

'BABE POWER is the embodiment of the iconic Missguided brand with its scent designed to evoke a feeling of strength, confidence and femininity. BABE POWER is made for the girl who wants her scent to match her unapologetic attitude.

Key fragrance notes include a vibrant splash of grapefruit zest and sour cherry, sharpened with crisp apple and pink pepper. At its heart, orange blossom is accentuated with soft peony and jasmine for a succulent signature; while vanilla, creamy musk, playful candy floss and amber crystals combine to leave a provocative lasting impression.'

I was actually very surprised by the scent of this, I was expecting it to be a scent that would not stay on my skin, but it has strong staying power and is extremely yummy in scent. With warm tonnes and a musky scent, It would be a perfect scent for a night out, or casual day. 

In the gift set, with the large babe powder, you get a fluffy pom pom. This is something I know girls get through a lot of, as they do get a bit grubby in bags (too cute to complain about). It is also really nice that they have miniatures which are refillable, as they are super handy for bags and I am a big fan of the design.

The babe power can, is in the shape of a can, it even has the cap which you press and it sprays. It is a super cute feature, and something a lot of high end brands have started to do to make their perfumes unique. 
I personally think the price is extremely reasonable, the quality of the scent and packaging is high end. I cannot imagine many girls/woman would dislike this scent. 

Whether you are after a last minute present, have Christmas money, or are after treating yourself to a new years outfit - Missguided is a shout.
They currently have a huge 60% off sale on, which has me searching for NYE...

You can also purchase these products from Boots in all UK stores.

Have a lovely Christmas! Lots of love, 



  1. Such a gorgeous set but I still haven't smelt the scent, I definitely need to get my hands on it! Love your Christmassy nails too!

    Yasmin x

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