Saturday 21 October 2017

I guess it's Autumn?

I guess autumn is here, looming assignments, leaves larger than my face, and cuddling up in blankets most nights. Autumn is one of my favourite months, despite the extremely windy and temperamental weather lately in London because of the hurricane in Ireland. It's the time of year when everyone starts to think 'crikey the years nearly gone', but fear not Halloween is yet to come, bonfire night and of course the run up to Christmas and new year. 

My boyfriend is starting a new project which I took photos for on my DSLR, so thought I'd use that opportunity to take some blog pictures as I haven't created a fashion look on my blog for a while. 

The jacket from this blog post was purchased last year from Zara and has a detachable cream faux fur collar. Although it is not still available to purchase, Zara jackets are renowned for being amazing quality - and they have some good ones this year I would love to invest in.  Definitely one to check out if you're after an autumn/winter number.

A brand new purchase is this velvet dungaree dress with embroidery from Topshop. A bit on the pricey side at £46, but with student discount (and Arcadia vouchers) It was justifiable. I have a similar dungaree dress in blue corduroy and a denim dungaree dress, they're so wearable and comfortable especially for short girls like me! 

THESE BOOTS A story for you all about these boots. A lovely older lady on the district line tapped me on the leg to ask me where my boots were from, after saying 'Pull and Bear' about 5 times (bless her), she seemed to really like them and told me again how nice they were when they got off the tube. They're super comfortable, a beautiful oxblood colour and have lovely stud detailing to make them unique. 10/10 recommend these bad boys.

P.s. a top tip is to pay £9.99 for next day delivery all year on asos, was a really good decision for me! 

Outfit Details:

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  1. Your Moto velvet embroidered pinafore dress from TopShop looks gorgeous paired with the mesh insert top from Asos and the black hosiery! I also love the colour of your lipstick! Its a beautiful fall OOTD and outfit fabulous photos!


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