Sunday 2 November 2014

The only way to see a Rainbow...

Taking Life Less Seriously

So this may be a more rambling post than necessary. But the thing is that lately everything's been building up and I've felt stressed. It's frustrating to be spending your time doing things you don't enjoy. This post is to simply to declare I'm taking life less seriously. I love being a blogger and creating posts people love to read but I've never been a set 'fashion' or  'beauty' or all the other genres there are. I post about what I like, love and what I'm doing because I love the fact that blogs give you the ability to get to know someone a little bit better and that's why I personally read them. Do you read blogs to get to know the individual better? There's definitely a fair amount of fashion and beauty blogs that are so intense and that's not me! I like reading blogs from everyday people. So If you follow my blog you will know that I started up a YouTube Channel hurrah! This is the new part of me taking everything less seriously and caring less about what people think of me. If you would like to check out my first two videos click >here< :)  BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE! 

So todays post I'm gonna share with you this. (WARNING I'M GOING TO GET DEEP) When life gets hard, you need to search for the positives. I find the things that cheer me up that aren't people I love, are the little things in life. For example a quirky new lip colour, a slogan tee, candles or a very devilish slice of cake. Yes they may be slightly superficial things and people may be like 'omg you have such a nice life be happy' and I am. It's just sometimes I have bad days. I was having a bad day and I decided that this T-Shirt was the perfect thing to cheer me up. Yes maaaaybe the bus driver questioned me asking for a 16-19 year old ticket. But at the end of the day I was happy. 

Truffle shuffle have so many quirky and happy t-shirts on their websites like the one I'm wearing. There's something about them that you know you couldn't wear it without being happy. I also have eyed up christmas presents for people that I know they will LOVE. It's the sort of online website that is in many respects self explanatory featuring great quotes, fab fictional characters and an easy going brand. 

If you do one thing this fine sunday, have a stroll of Truffle Shuffle no doubt you'll find a guilty pleasure Tee, or a perfect present. 

         Truffle Shuffle


I hope you enjoyed this post, and It gave you an idea on how to cheer yourself up if you're having a bad day! I love you all :) & Thanks for reading. 

p.s I'm TALL! (jokes) 



  1. Loved your post .
    I am like you I don't label myself as a Blogger I just write about whatever I feel like. I am also going through a bad/stressful time and I am finding it hard but like you I am trying to find something postitive to look forward too. Also I love your T shirt and the stuff truffeshuffle have are amazing I love all the geeky stuff they do. Great post. Love getting to know people too rather than reviews on products etc xox

    1. Thanks Marie! I love the light heartedness of the company. It's really important when blogging to not get too bogged down into branding yourself, as that's not what It's about. It's about everyday people sharing what the love with others!
      Thanks for your support sweetums xox

  2. thank you for recommending Tuffle Shuffle, what a great website! Like you, I'm also trying to learn to not take things too seriously and not worry so much about what others think of me. I created my own blog in order to learn to be able to be myself and not worry about others, it's hard but hopefully i'll get there! xx

    1. This comment made my day :)
      Same as me, blogging brings me confidence and happiness!
      X X

  3. Such an open and honest post, i love it!
    Love your blog a lot lovely, keep posting fabulously! xxx

    1. Thank you for your support! It's so lovely to recieve possitive feedback :) xxx

  4. I like the positiveness this post gives off! It's not a hard thing to do when it comes to taking life too seriously. Great post!

    By the way, I have nominated you for the "One Lovely Blog Award".

    Feel free to add the award to your sidebar if you wish.

    It's your turn to pick (6) people which six comes from how many letters in the word "Lovely" to nominate for the award that you personally think their blogs are lovely.

    Here is the link to the award:


    1. Hey sweetie! Sorry to let you know I've already done the One Lovely Blog Award!
      See here:

      Thanks anyway!

  5. Lovely post. You've got to love any t-shirt that has a positive message AND care bears AND a rainbow on it!


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