Friday 4 July 2014


So, there has been a lot of speculation in the UK about triangl bikinis. We love how they look but can we justify £50 without trying one on?! .... Well. 

I was lucky enough to recieve this triangl bikini as a gift. Lucky me. So it was non obligatory to write a review about it. They were worried due to stock issues that the bikini wouldn't arrive it time for my first holiday. However It arrived the day before! Hurrah! 

(I know I folded it triangl, I'm sorry I hadn't read the care card!) 

Their website has people you can talk to about the bikinis, sizing i assume is mainly what they get asked.
It was quick and simple to find out the name of the bikini, I would really reccomend even if you can't afford one having a look on their website as their bikinis are gorgeous. I was a little put off by their Instagram, as let's be honest we are not all Australian models. 


I'm a size 10. The bikini bottoms are sized S 8-10 M 10-12. PAIN. I chose the M and they fit fine. Bare in mind if you're ordering one that they are tight fit. I chose the top size S which I did regret as I underestimated my boob size! 

Don't let it put you off. I know you'll have to return them half way across the world (sort that out triangl) but they are worth it!

Your bikini comes with a special care card which describes how to look after your bikini as it is neoprene. A nice touch I thought! Don't fold it. Iron it if need be. Hand wash. Store flat. (Hard to store flat in a suitcase...) READ THE CARD. 

Overall I love this bikini. I think it's flattering and eye catching and I don't think you can go wrong with a triangl bikini. Yes it may be around £50, but you pay for the quality. Neoprene = no see through bikinis!

Happy shopping girls! Check out triangl at 

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