Thursday, 23 October 2014

One Lovely Blog Award

So I was nominated by Faye-Ann for the 'One Lovely Blog Award', don't forget to leave her a lovely comment on her blog. The aim of the blog post is to share 7 facts about myself so that my followers can get to know me a bit more and then nominate 7 bloggers to be a part of the tag as well. It's a lovely tag as you know the people who nominate you actually read your blog and want to find out more about you! I love having a little nosey in to other peoples lives and in many respects this tag is a lovely way to do it. 

    I have always had a massive passion for music. My grade 7 singing exam is in november and grade 6 piano is in march. My aim is to have my grade 8 singing by the next academic year before I go to university! At A Level I studied Music and Music Technology and that's because I have such a passion for it. I love the fact that music is accessible to all and that you can learn so much from it. It's such a way to express yourself and create something, whatever the genre, which is beautiful and individual. I've always loved music since a young age and always want it to be part of my life. Whether it's a career, job, hobby or passion. 

     I'm a vegetarian! (Very interesting I know). I used to eat fish until year 5/6 which is 10/11 years old. I hated it so much! I remember the day when I sat and wrote a list of proteins that weren't fish that I could eat so I could become a vegetarian so clearly. I wouldn't say I am a vegetarian ethically necessarily, however I don't obviously agree with all the ways animals in that industry are treated. I won't go into details about it as the stuff I have learnt can really upset me. I especially don't want to push my opinions/life decisions onto others. I've worked as a waitress and I don't feel uncomfortable serving meat/fish either. + Vegi food is super yummy. 

    My mum is Scottish and my dad is Welsh. People tend to have a right old giggle when I tell them this. I don't know particularly why but it's probably to do with what my house can be like. (They probably imagine my mum wearing full tartan and eating haggis whilst my dad comes in saying 'I'm from the valley's'). Lots of people can't pin point my accent because of this! In many respects I couldn't BE more British if I tried. 

     I'm officially pet less (SOB). I used to have a beautiful dog called Daisy who was a celium terrier. She was the cutest thing ever and I don't remember life before her, I miss her so much. I also loooove guinea pigs and I've had 3 Blackberry, Toffee and Jaffa. I love them because they have such personalities for such little creatures. They also explode cuteness levels.

    I would much rather snuggle up in my onsie with friends/family, watch corny movies and eat yummy food with a fire then go on a clubbing night out. Saying that I do like the occasional party/night out, I'm just a very busy person and finding the time can be difficult. 

     This post would be pointless if I didn't mention how much of a dork I am. I absolutely LOVE Doctor who, star wars you name it. I mean who doesn't love sci fi right... right!!!! Err... right?

     I'm currently on a 'Gap Year' pishhhh whet, don't ask. And I aim to go to university next september to study Music Industry Management. 

Thank-you for taking the time to find out a bit more about me! I nominate...

Monica from Moth Loves
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Meena from Meena Means Me
Georgina from Georgina Hallgate
Charlotte from Charlotte's Corner
Taylor from The Simple Sol
Em from My Pale Skin

I look forward to hearing a bit more about you girls ^ 

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